Celebrity Fashion Trends – Autumn Is Here, Time To Layer!

It’s time for the second installment of fashion tips courtesy of Bringing Back The Sweater Vest.

Fall is upon us – as was made clear to me the instant my eyes started to itch and my nose began to run – and thus it’s time to switch up the wardrobe a bit.

Where once we had sunny days and warm nights calling for shorts and thin tops, we now have cooler days with burst of heat and sometimes downright chilly nights; what is a girl to do?

Aside from the allergies, there’s nothing I find more annoying this time a year than not dressing correctly for the day.

The solution?


Not only does layering give you a chance to play with color and fabrics, it also allows you to wear a top layer you can take off, if need be, when the sun comes out and beats down on you like the heat of Hades for the three hours you happen to be out and about.

Have I mentioned the cold, hot, cold of autumn days drives me nuts? But I digress…..

Here’s a tip from L.M. of Bringing Back The Sweater Vest on starting the perfect layered look:

Wear a collared shirt under a sweater or t-shirt…it keeps you warm, gives you the chance to switch layers for temperature fluctuations, and makes an otherwise boring sweater pop a little.

Check out the Bringing Back The Sweater Vest post, Trend: Layers, for more layering tips and pictures.

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