WordPress Blog Setup Guru, Craig Mullins Joins HilaryShepherd.com

HilaryShepherd.com is happy to announce that we’re teaming up with WordPress Blog Setup guru Craig Mullins, who offers quick wordpress installs. A basic setup, with no customizations is only $100.

Just pick a theme and he’ll put it up!

Craig Mullins also offers services related to SEO, speed tweaks that help your site load faster, and well, basically anything else you can think of related to WordPress blogs and WordPress blog setups.

If you’re looking for help with WordPress Blog Setup, email Craig Mullins here. Tell him I sent you and ask for the special Super Star Gossip deal offered by Hilary Shepherd.

Once Craig has your site set up, you can opt for my assistance with content writing, or make it completely yours and take me totally out of it.

Which ever way you go, be sure to start with Craig Mullins Consulting in Pleasanton CA, the WordPress Blog Setup Guru.

Let Craig’s team of service professionals handle the installation and custom setup of your WordPress blog. They truly understand how confusing it can be to get your website rolling, which is why their team handles all your needs no matter how great or small.

-1 on 1 professional support for all customers
-Complete installation and setup of your blog
-Full customization of your WordPress blog
-Industry-low rates with superior customer service
-Let Craig take care of all your installation needs today

Email Craig Mullins today!