Gary Collins Arrested For DUI. Again.

Gary Collins should not be allowed to drive. Ever. The TV personality has once again been involved in a serious car accident due to his drunk driving.

According to police in Jackson, Mississippi (I was born there!), Gary Collins rear-ended a car driven by Cheryl Hales Tuesday afternoon on I55 Frontage Road (I know where that is!); both Cheryl and her child were injured in the crash.

The woman involved told law enforcement officers that Collins struck her vehicle, then got out in a “clearly intoxicated” state, and asked her “What are you waiting for?” She told him that she had dialed 911 and help was on the way. He promptly got back into his vehicle and left the scene.

Cheryl’s husband Perry Hales said he also smelled alcohol when he talked with Collins at the scene, which of course Collins denies.

“He wasn’t concerned for my wife’s well-being. He simply walked over and got into his vehicle and left, and I’m a little angry about this.”

[Perry Hales] wants a judge to hold Collins accountable…“Based on his history, it will very likely happen again.”

I can’t help but agree with him.

Officer Colendula Green says the 72-year-old Collins has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

This is the fourth time Gary Collins has been charged with a DUI; the first in 2002, then 2007, and most recently 2009 – when he was pulled over in a motor home, and blew a .29. As a result of the ’09 arrest, Collins spent 120 days on house arrest.

That makes me sick. He should be in jail.

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