Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas (via BBTSV)

I’m starting something new, bitches!! Don’t worry, it’s something great.

Get ready for weekly fashion tips!

Wait, what? Fashion and Hilary Shepherd?? Do pigs fly?

Here’s the deal…..I know this totally cool chick, L.M., who totally knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion for the hip 20-ish and 30-something female, and she’s got a new fashion blog called Bringing Back The Sweater Vest (hence, my post title).

Ok, so she’s basically related to me because someday we’ll most likely share a last name, but whatever; I want to support her regardless. So in that effort, I’m going to do my best to bring you weekly fashion tips I find on her site and think are interesting for one reason or another.

That being said, let’s kick it off with Homemade Halloween Costumes!! Something that is right up my alley this year, by the way, since I’m about fifty cents away from can’t-even-afford-Ramen broke.

Click on the costume name in bold under each picture for L.M’s tips on creating the perfect Homemade Halloween Costume.

There’s sure to be a flock of Black Swans this year. Make your rendition stand out without breaking the bank!

homemade black swan costume
Homemade Halloween Costume Black Swan

Dressing as a Jester is very tempting to me, as I seem to be hooked on wanting to wear pants this Halloween.

homemade jester costume
Homemade Halloween Costume: Jester

Of course, the Peacock with color is the male of the species, but females can fluff colorful feathers on Halloween!

homemade peacock costume
Homemade Halloween Costume: Peacock Costume

This is so simple, it’s sure to be spotted.

homemade wheres waldo costume
Where’s Waldo Costume

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