Oh Burning Man! Oh Burning Man! So Excited To Meet Thee!

Well I’m off to Burning Man!! Fingers crossed I’ll come back alive.

Oh relax, I’m just joking. I’m sure everything will be fine.

The Black Rock Desert is an arid region in the northern Nevada section of the Great Basin with a lakebed that is a dry remnant of Pleistocene Lake Lahontan. The region is notable for its paleogeologic features, as an area of 19th-century Emigrant Trails to California, and as a venue for rocketry and land speed records (Mach 1.02 in 1997).

The Black Rock Desert region is in northwestern Nevada and the northwestern Great Basin. The playa extends for approximately 100 mi (160 km) northeast from the towns of Gerlach and Empire, between the Jackson Mountains to the east and the Calico Mountains to the west. The Black Rock Desert is separated into two arms by the Black Rock Range. It lies at an elevation of 3,907 ft (1,191 m) and has an area of about 1,000 sq mi (2,600 km2).


Check you later, Bitches! I’m outtie!!

“I’m not too worried about it, really. I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. I’m not worried at all” – Evan, Superbad

I’ve been to the Black Rock Desert once before, in June 2009, but it was only for a couple of nights. This time around I’ll be there for a week! Ack!!