Burning Man 2010 Festival – The Man Burns

If I recall correctly, we didn’t do much during the day on Saturday. I think I was shell shocked from Friday, to be quite honest.

But that night The Man was to burn and we couldn’t miss that. No way, no how.

I figured it was going to be windy that night so I was sure to remember protection – head bandanna, face mask, and of course glow sticks. Like an idiot I didn’t bring my goggles. They hadn’t really been much help the night before, but looking back, I totally should’ve brought them.

burning man festival 2010 hilary shepherd

We decided the bikes would be a bad idea that night if there was another storm so we made sure to head out to The Man on the early side – in hopes of finding a bench to sit on or at the very least get there on time (I was a very slow walker at this point).

We arrived plenty early, but there were no benches to sit on. Nope. Instead, we got to sit on the bumpy hard-as-concrete ground. Oh yeah, that felt great on my rear.

But the pain didn’t really matter, because I was about to see and experience one of the greatest things ever. Ever. I’m not kidding you.

The ceremony started with the raising of The Man’s arms to the upright and open position, as if reaching to the heavens.

the burning man
burning man in sand

Those splotches, by the way, is playa dust blowing in the wind. It’s unavoidable so deal with it. I had to. Besides, it makes the pictures more artsy.

The drums started and things really got under way.

burning man man 2010
burning man fire parade
burning man festival 2010 band
burning man fire parade cage
the burning man white parade

After a short parade around The Man, we were treated to a performance by the largest gathering of fire dancers – over 500!!

It was like nothing I have ever seen before; and most likely will ever see again.

fire dancers burning man 2010
burning man festival 2010 fire dancers
burning man just married fire dancer
fire dancing the burning man
fire ball dancing burning man 2010
the burning man fire balls
fire dancing black rock desert
burning man festival 2010 fire eater female
fire twirling burning man 2010
fire dancers double female

And then The Man Burned. And it was AWESOME.

First came the fireworks…..

the burning man fireworks
fireworks the burning man 2010
burning man festival fireworks 2010
burning man fireworks red
fireworks burst burning man 2010
falling fireworks burning man 2010
red gold fireworks burning man
burning man fireworks dark
burning man fireworks multi
silver burst fireworks burning man 2010

Then came the fire…..

burning man 2010 fire burst
fire burn burning man 2010
tower fire burning man festival 2010
burning man 2010 tower fire
burning man man fire
burning man man tower fire
burning man festival 2010 fire crowd
the burning man burns 2010
black rock desert burning man burns
man on fire burning man festival 2010
burning man 2010 tower breaks
fire tower falls burning man 2010
burning man man tower falls
burning man man final burn 2010

And another Man down. Until next year.


hilary shepherd 2010 burning man festival


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