Crazy White Boys From The Tenderloin Plus Too Short Equals Great Entertainment

I cannot believe I forgot to tell you this in my review post of Too $hort in San Francisco Saturday night!!

Too Short In San Francisco At Club Mezzanine With A Band!

About two-thirds the way into $hort’s performance, during a hearty round of Bay Area shout-outs, he implored members of the audience to take the stage and rap with him.

What came next was nothing short of totally awesome.

Two white dudes – one in flannel and one in a black wife beater and beanie – took $hort up on his offer. Where were they from he asked; the Tenderloin they replied.

Then the two fans proceeded to wildly entertain us with a rousing performance of “We from the Bay, bitch! We from the Bay, bitch!” for, oh, I don’t know, about 10 minutes – all much to $hort’s delight. And ours.

It was really fun to watch them on the stage with Too $hort, jumping around and all hyped up; clearly enjoying themselves and the moment.

Dubbing them the “crazy white boys with tattoos” Too $hort gave them great praise – and teased them about being from the Tenderloin – but ultimately told them they were pretty darn amusing.

Later in the show Too $hort again asked for audience performers and chose a tall black man in a purple dress shirt and tie and a brunette chick in black leggings. The guy rapped about it being his birthday, and spit all over the microphone, while the girl “sang” ‘Too $hort is in the house’ like she was trying out for American Idol or something. The audience let her have a chance but soon it sounded like Amateur Night at the Apollo.

Of all the audience performances, the crazy white boys with tattoos were by far the most entertaining.


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