Kelsey Grammer Kayte Walsh Wedding Invites Are In The Mail

Kelsey Grammer is in love and wants to marry Kayte Walsh, and he’s not going to let a pesky little thing like his divorce not being final get in his way!

Kelsey has asked a judge to grant him a speedy divorce, but Camille Grammer is digging in her heals and making it all quite difficult; asking for a $50 million divorce settlement. But Kelsey is going to make Kayte Walsh the next Mrs. Grammer in spite of it all.

The NY Post reports that Grammer has already sent out invitations to his planned wedding, set for February 25th. It’ll be a lavish, $100,000 ceremony at New York’s Plaza Hotel, but there’s one catch: he’s not yet divorced from wife Camille Grammer.

…“Kelsey and Kayte have booked the Plaza ballroom for the reception,” a source told the newspaper. “Despite the lavish surroundings, they want an intimate wedding with less than 150 guests… The room will be decorated all in white, including a white cake. There will be a very tight guest list, and they won’t allow cameras in.”


Obviously Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh can have their wedding ceremony and reception before they’re legally husband and wife, but I don’t really see the point. Just wait. I mean, really – what’s the rush? Is it a tax issue? Is Kayte pregnant again?

kelsey grammer kayte walsh wedding invitations
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