Eminem Rumored To Be Dead. Again.

Several celebrities have been the target of death rumors throughout their careers, but it seems as though some celebrities are more susceptible to such rumors than others.

Take Eminem, for instance.

The troubled rapper, who has been quite open lately about his years-long struggle with drug addiction, just can’t seem to escape rumors of his death. From what I can tell, these rumors go back at least as far as 2000.

Rapper “Eminem” Dies in Car Accident – December 15, 2000

Not only do the Eminem death rumors seem to happen around the same time of year, they all allege his cause of death to be the same – a car crash in the middle of the night, either due to drugs or using his cell phone.

Actually, it really looks like it’s the same false story being recycled year after year.

Eminem Died in Car Crash….. Again in 2010 – January 9, 2010

Now that’s sad. I mean, people can’t even trouble themselves to be creative and come up with another cause of death – like skydiving, or a drive-by. Aren’t gossipers supposed to have wild imaginations?

Believe it or not, I’ve always been a fan of Eminem. In fact, I have more than one of his albums. Not sure what the attraction is – other than his beats and his tats. Oh, and he sort of reminds me of this guy I sort of used to date. Well, “date” isn’t exactly the word, but whatever, you get my point.

Mmmmm…..Eminem…..it would be so empty without thee…..