The Ruby Skye Music And Fashion Event – Meet The Models M-Z

WHAT: The Ruby Skye Music and Fashion Event w/ Martin Solveig and Frenchy Le Freak
WHEN: Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:00pm
WHERE: Ruby Skye San Francisco – 430 Mason Street

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Meet the models…..

I started modeling in Sydney Australia in 1998. I won my first pageant in Australia in 1999, and was crowned as Miss Philippines-Australia. In 2002 I moved to the Philippines where I was able to continue my modeling career. I modeled for all the top Filipino Designers as well as Top Magazines and International Brands. I was part of Philippine Fashion Week for several years, and was also a member of the Philippines Models Association of the Philippines.

In 2003 I joined the Miss Philippines Pageant and was able to represent the Philippines in the Miss World Pageant 2003 held in Sanya, China, where I placed in the top 10 for the swimsuit finals and ranking in the Top 5 overall, out of 109 candidates from around the world.

I was lucky enough to make the prestigious pages of FHM magazine Philippines in 2009, with a personal spread.

My journey of modeling has led me to San Francisco, where Look Agency gave me a head start in 2007, when they booked me jobs for amazing brands such as Macys and Mervyns. I look forward to continuing my exploration of the fashion industry in the Bay Area.

Mafae Yunon-Belasco

Raised in the small California town of Livermore, I have always had an interest in fashion. Mostly with dressing and styling people and not actually being a model; I’ve always enjoyed picking out outfits for people that they wouldn’t normally think of wearing, and have found that they end up loving my selections.

I was introduced to modeling by a cousin who was modeling for a few years. Dipping my toes into the world of, things just spiraled out of control from there and I couldn’t be happier. With a few photo shoots under my belt, checking out a few events, and meeting a ton of great people in the Industry such as photographers & hairdressers, The Ruby Skye Music and Fashion Event will be my first runway show. I can see my future as a fashion stylist drawing closer with each experience, and I’m having the time of my life.

Michelle Lee

I was born and raised on the north coast of California, and enjoy both living in the country and spending time in the city. As a child I was home-schooled and traveled the world with my family. When I was 15 I graduated high school and started pursuing acting and modeling. At 19 I decided to take time off for college. After getting my degree I decided I wanted to return to modeling and acting so I got myself back out there, worked hard, and here I am today. I hope to continue doing what I love and hopefully create some more success of it. I would love to get more acting work in the future and hopefully get a part in a movie or TV show. Keep an eye out for me! See more of me at and

Patrycia Pergens

I am a barber and currently manage two local barber shops. I’m also into competitive fitness and yoga, and have a unique sense of fashion from tattoos and Lady Gaga to classic styles. I started modeling a few years ago when a photographer offered to do some head shots, and have been doing it ever since; the runway is always such a rush for me.

Rachel Spengler

Growing up as a military brat with my older brother (aka my best friend), I wasn’t the girliest girl of the bunch, preferring to be a tomboy. When I moved to California after my parents split I ended up rooming with my step sister. I found myself admiring her and her friends; how well put together they looked, with hair and nails always flawless and beautiful. It was around that time that I first got a hold of a Vogue magazine and fell in love with fashion. I love being crafty and creating art through drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, and music.

I modeled once in the seventh grade at the local mall, but didn’t continue with it because it wasn’t right for me at the time. That was until I worked with fellow model Rachel Spengler [above], who brought me to one of Shaun McClendon’s castings, which led me to walk the runway for him in the Allure Event.

Sandrin Barney

I was born in Iowa where I was raised on a farm, but clearly destined for fashion greatness. I was a beautiful tall girl sporting crazy outfits and was convinced I was the next big thing. After dancing with Iowa’s first professional Broadway dance company “Black and White” for two years, I packed up my things and at the age of 20, kissed the cold Iowa winters goodbye, and drove to sunny California. Since then I’ve participated in numerous San Francisco fashion shows and look forward to many more.

Tessa Lange

I am a fun, outgoing, and energetic twenty-something California native with a financial background from UC Santa Barbara, who likes to have a good time; working hard and playing hard. I also enjoy the runway and am familiar with celebrity fashion shows.

Tina Wong