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While some areas of my personal life have been quite difficult lately, other areas are doing much better; mainly, the making-a-life-for-ourselves situation with my boyfriend.

I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this, but we are the proud owners of 11 acres of land in beautiful Valley springs in the county of Calaveras in California.

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Sounds great and wonderful, doesn’t it?

Well it is.

Except for the whole figuring out what we’re going to do with the land so it’s profitable for us thing. It’s been a fairly slow start, but we’re definitely making  progress and moving towards our goal.

We’re starting to come up with some great ideas to get us started with Farming In Valley Springs California. We’re looking for more ideas and crops/animals that have high profit margins and are able to grow and/or live in our climate. So if you’ve got any pointers, let me know!

We’ve got our website Mullins Farms up and running, and have a few articles in there already so that’s good. They range from general farming information and reviews of local businesses we’ve dealt with, to fun family activities in the general area of Valley Springs, and educational events we’ve attended.

Recently we had our well water tested – a big step towards becoming a full-fledged farm. We learned a lot about Valley Springs Well Water Testing during this process. Aqulab was great and Cathy spent a lot of time teaching us about all the different water tests.

We’re really getting into aquaponics – and we think you should learn about it too – so check out our article about Farming With Aquaponics. The Kijani Grows organization is teaching people how to grow food using aquaponics; their educational services are available for a low cost and oftentimes the classes are free.

As difficult as it has been to get started – and as hard as it will continue to be – I’m really looking forward to my future as a farmer.

Just call me Hillbilly Hilary!!

I would love to hear any suggestions you may have for article topics and ways to make our farming endeavor better!

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Farming In Valley Springs CA With Aquaponics

Farming In Valley Springs CA With Aquaponics