Stores Open On Christmas Day 2015

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but not everyone in America celebrates Christmas at home with family and loved ones. Shocking, I know. In fact, some people like to spend the day shopping. Which, if you think about it, is pretty darn American in its own right.

For those of you who would rather spend Christmas 2011 out and about going from store to store enjoying empty parking lots and restaurants, the following information is for you.


All CVS stores are open Christmas Day from 10:00am to 8:00pm, but their pharmacies are closed.

Most Rite Aid stores will have their regular hours on Christmas Day.

All Walgreens locations are at least open from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Some, but maybe not all of their 24-hours locations will be open 24 hours, so be sure to check.


Check your local Burger King for their Christmas Day hours, as not all locations are open.

If something sweet is more your style, IHOP restaurants will be open during their normal hours.

Personally, I may hit up a Jack-in-the-Box on Christmas Day. I’ve got a “thing” for their grilled cheese.

Some, but not all, Starbucks locations are open from 7:00am to 3:00pm on Christmas Day.

Most TGI Friday’s will be open their regular hours on Christmas.

Stores that will be CLOSED on Christmas Day include:

Best Buy
Home Depot
Old Navy
The Gap

If you do celebrate Christmas Day at home but still have some last minute shopping to do, several places are open on Christmas Eve: Stores Open Christmas Eve 2011 and Christmas Eve Store Hours – December 24 (as mentioned before, check your local store for their specific hours).

stores open on christmas day 2011

Stores Open On Christmas Day 2011