K-Fed Urges Britney Spears To Enter Rehab

This has to be the funniest “pot calling the kettle black”* story I’ve seen in a while.

According to MSNBC, Star Magazine is reporting that Kevin Federline wants Britney Spears to go to rehab – for the sake of the kids.

Uhhhh……..where does K-Fed get off telling Britney to shape up?

Let’s ponder the ridiculousness of that for a moment.

In the magazine’s report, Kevin Federline states that he has tried “every possible angle” to get Britney Spears to “chill out” and “get some help.” He threatened to take the kids away (Ha! I’d like to see the judge that agrees to that!), and even tried “pleading.” Then he tried to bring Britney’s mom, Lynne, into the mix because, according to a Star source, “He’s afraid she’s going to hurt herself.”

Oh my goodness. I can’t stop laughing. Kevin Federline giving “fly right” advice is hilarious!

k-fed urges britney to go to rehab

The notion of a criticism a person is making of another could equally well apply to themself.

This phrase originates in Cervantes’ Don Quixote, or at least in Thomas Shelton’s 1620 translation – Cervantes Saavedra’s History of Don Quixote:

“You are like what is said that the frying-pan said to the kettle, ‘Avant, black-browes’.”

The first person who is recorded as using the phrase in English was William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, in his Some fruits of solitude, 1693:

“For a Covetous Man to inveigh against Prodigality… is for the Pot to call the Kettle black.”

Shakespeare had previously expressed a similar notion in a line in Troilus and Cressida, 1601- “The raven chides blackness.”

Source: Phrases.org.uk