Owen Wilson May Not Be Jade Duell’s Baby Daddy!

At the beginning of this year, actor Owen Wilson and his girlfriend of barely a year welcomed a child into the world. Now we’re hearing that the baby may biologically belong to Jade Duell’s ex-boyfriend – with whom she was living at the time she and Owen first hooked up.

Owen Wilson Is A Daddy – Super Star Gossip

An insider said, “Around the time Jade got pregnant, she was still living and sleeping with her now ex-boyfriend. I don’t know if she can say for sure who the father is!”

…Multiple sources revealed that Jade was hooking up with Owen on the sly, while she was still together with ex, Jason Hawryschuk. A snitch said, “They had bought a house in Virginia together. Jason had no idea she was cheating on him with Owen.”

Owen, 42, first met Jade on a cross-country flight from LA to Washington, DC, in 2009, and their whirlwind affair took off quickly. “They were meeting up quite often, and she introduced him to some of her friends,” says the insider. “He would fly Jade off to California and Hawaii, but they were definitely not exclusive.”

That changed when Jade, 28, discovered she was expecting. “She immediately started making plans to move to Los Angeles,” reveals the insider. Jason finally found out about the affair when a coworker Jade confided in spilled the beans. When contacted by Star, Jason refused to comment.

If Owen turns out not to be the father… “He will be devastated.”


I have nothing kind to say about a woman who knowingly lies to a man about the paternity of her child; claiming it’s his when she knows darn well it’s not. I’m not saying that is the case here, but I’m not saying it’s not either. I’m just sayin’.

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