Divorce Parties. Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

The sad fact is, 50% of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is often a very hard period in someone’s life. But sometimes, a divorce is a time to celebrate. Perhaps it is the end to an abusive relationship, or maybe the woman has finally mustered up the strength and knowledge to survive on her own. Whatever the reason, divorce parties are on the rise. I know a couple of people who should have thrown a divorce party. Actually, divorce parties are so popular now, there are several website devoted to them – how to plan, how to decorate, etc. Here are some that I found:

Throwing A Divorce

how to throw a divorce party

A RevengeLady Guide

divorce party decorations

Divorce Party Decorations

The divorce process sucks, there’s no doubt about that. But sometimes, the divorce itself is reason enough for a divorce party. My parents divorced when I was two. It was one that needed to happen. I know that period of time really sucked for my mom – she was broke, and had two little girls. But it all worked out for the best because three years after her divorce party (she didn’t actually have a party, except for in her own head), she met her soul mate. They’ve been together ever since.

I don’t know how many couples get divorced on Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure it happens. Divorce happens every day. Divorce parties happen the next day.

Do you have a divorce party story to share? I would love to hear it.