Hey Paris Hilton! Would You Like Some Cheese To Go With Your Whine?

According to Paris Hilton’s “people,” she is so devastated by her upcoming jail sentence, she simply can’t testify in the civil trial against her. She’s just too distraught.

Well boo-friggin’-hoo Paris! Is that the world’s smallest violin I hear?

I’m sorry that you’ve been convicted of a crime you committed. I am sorry that you have so much money you can have “people” talk about how traumatized you are.

But most of all, I am sorry that all of this probably won’t make a lick of difference in your life and you’ll be just as shallow and vapid when it’s all over.

Too bad narcissistic people like Paris Hilton can’t be sentenced to a life of charity work or something.

It really saddens me that those who need to learn a lesson the most learn nothing. And more than likely continue on with their pointless existence.

What is the point of living if lessons are not being learned?

paris hilton traumatized

Fun facts about cheese and wine:

No matter how far archaeological finds go, there is evidence that cheese came into being in prehistoric times. Cheese can not really be said to have been “invented”. This delicious food must have resulted from the simple observation that milk left in a container ends up by coagulating, even more if it is hot…This might be considered the first technological cheesemaking discovery. Cheese.com

In ancient Rome bits of toast were floated in goblets of wine. There is a story that a wealthy man threw a lavish party in which the public bath was filled with wine. Beautiful young women were invited to swim in it. When asked his opinion of the wine, one guest responded: “I like it very much, but I prefer the toast.” (referring, presumably, to the women) Beekman Wines & Liquors