Lindsay Lohan ARRESTED!!

YES!! It was just a matter of time, really.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Lindsay Lohan managed to jump a curb and crash her Mercedes into some trees. She had two other “adults” in the car with her, who were not hurt, but Lindsay was taken to Cedars Sinai, where she was treated for minor injuries. And arrested for DUI.

Of course, the best part of all this (since getting a DUI in Hollywood is practically a right of passage)….cocaine was found in her car.

Looks like little Lindsay has some big explaining to do. According to the report, police “found a ‘usable amount’ of a drug at the scene, which they say was cocaine. Lt. Mitch McCann of the Beverly Hills Police Department would not say where the drug was found, but it was ‘not on her person.’” Source:

It’s sort of sad that something like this can give me such joy. The way I see it, it needed to happen. Hopefully she’ll learn something from this.

Yeah, right.

Ooooh, maybe Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton will share a jail cell. They should throw in Nicole Richie and Britney Spears for good measure. Britney hasn’t done anything jail worthy yet like the other girls, but the summer has just begun; Britney has lots of time.

Here’s to an exciting summer!

lindsay lohan arrested

4 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan ARRESTED!!”
  1. Geordae Says:

    Why am I not surprised? Lindsay’s really been out of control as of late, she better stop while she’s ahead.

  2. ashley Says:

    you wouldnt think it because she wrote a song
    about her father going to jail “confessions of a broken heart”
    and getting arrested for DUI and was in rehab
    they said of drugs you wouldnt think she be in that kind of trouble beause of the song and she just did a movie
    “Georgia Rule” then theirs Paris hilton next
    about going to jail they talk like Paris wanting to follow in lindsay problems lindsays problem dont mean that we cant be her fan if you are.

  3. Clementines Says:

    Ha!.. and another very harsh and loud HA!

  4. fra Says:

    lindsay lohan è un’ imbecille