Celebrities From The 80s – The Two Coreys

They were teen heartthrobs – then came trouble. Now they’re housemates on A&E’s new “scripted reality” series The Two Coreys.

– Reagan Alexander, People Magazine, August 6, 2007

In their tween-idol heyday, “it was almost like Beatlemania,” say Feldman, 36. When the frequent costars filmed 1988’s License to Drive, “these kids were insane. They were literally rocking their trailer trying to get us out.” But as the roles dried up, Feldman turned to alcohol and Haim developed a drug problem. “The lowest point for me was having some kids [at a school appearance] say I was asking them for drugs,” says Haim, 35. “That was rock bottom.” Both sober now and working mostly in made-for-DVD movies, they’ve remained close friends. On the A&E show, which debuts on July 29, Haim, who’s single, moves in with Feldman and his wife, actress Susie, 24. (The couple have one son, Zen, who turns 3 Aug. 7.) “I’m just ecstatic to get a second chance,” says Haim. “In all the time that I lost, there are a lot of things that I missed.”

I don’t have cable right now, so I haven’t been able to catch the show. But, of course, I have an opinion on it nonetheless. Here’s the deal….it’s been 20 years…..far too long for Corey Feldman and Corey Haim to cash in on their 80s duo fame; which, by the way, only lasted a handful of years. If they have any hope of making a name for themselves these days, they’re going to need to find a better angle then just being “The Coreys.”

I would love to hear from someone who actually watched it. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe the show is gold.

For more on the show, including selected scenes, visit A&E.com – [The Two Coreys]

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