Tyra Banks Is 34 Today. Go Tyra! Go Tyra!

Happy Birthday Tyra Banks! You’ve done quite well for yourself in your first 34 years…Supermodel, Talk Show Host, Reality TV Star. Not to mention being the ex-girlfriend of a professional basketball player. Of course, a lot of girls can say that, so maybe that’s not really an accomplishment. But at least when it went sour you held yourself together and didn’t go all crazy and whacky like some people we know.

You’re ahead of the game, Tyra Banks – here’s to your next 34 years!

Fun facts about Tyra Banks:
She went to a Catholic girl’s school and has always maintained that her classmates were ruthless; constantly making fun of her because she was tall and skinny.

Her first week in Paris, designers were so taken by her presence on the runway that she was booked for 25 shows, an unprecedented record in the business for a newcomer.

She was the first African American woman on the covers of GQ, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Oh so much more about Tyra Banks and her TV shows….
The Tyra Banks Show
America’s Next Top Model

tyra banks birthday

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Image Source: [TopWomen.org]

6 Responses to “Tyra Banks Is 34 Today. Go Tyra! Go Tyra!”
  1. Roy Says:

    Hi Tyra why do some people say things on the today show about you like you are fat . I think you are wondreful an strong woman of color HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  2. Sherron Ingram Says:

    I would like to hear from someone that works directly with Tyra Banks. I would like to know if she would like to receive one of my inspirational E-Shirts. Because I am a big fan of both her shows and also cause it’s her birthday, today…I would be honored if she’d be willing to receive of one my shirts. The E-shirts are very personal, enlightening and empowering. I would love to see her in one of them and to convey to all how Blessed or Inspiring she is to others. I for one is so impressed with her that I can’t express the blessing it would be for me to have her acceptance of my work. Please review my website and reply at your earlist convenience. Again, the website address is “www.feelingteees.com” .
    I look forward to hearing my you.
    God Bless you all during this awesome season of Christ’s birth.
    Your’s Truly,
    Sherron E. Ingram

  3. Carmen Says:

    Happy BIRTHDAY to a SWEET LADY! I didn’t even realize it was your Birthday Ms. Tyra. You just added me as a friend on the “Y” website. Now that’s a GIVING PERSON ON HER BIRTHDAY!


  4. La Tania Williams Says:

    Dear Tyra Banks,
    You have came a long way sense your modeling career.What I like about you you’re not sacred too face new things.I think you’re a wonderful person.You don’t go around making feel there less then you because they don’t have money or a stable career like you.You make people feel good about them self.I would never knew you were the queen of cheap if you wouldn’t told the world.I think you’re so beautiful and out going.I like the way u look now.I hate the fact that you move too New York.By the way I’m a sag like you.My birthday is December 1976.You know us sag are so outgoing.But when we get sick we’re like a baby.I love you

  5. Darius Denzel Wesley aka Dpretty Says:

    tyra banks is so pretty 4real

  6. Brian Says:

    Shes HOT!!! Happy B-day!