With Friends Like These…..

Do you ever have one of those days when you find out who your friends are?

Long story short, a roommate of my “friends” said some very harsh and totally unwarranted words about me and my “friends” stood there and said nothing.

If that isn’t bad enough, one of those “friends” then felt the need to tell me about it, exactly what those words were, and the fact they didn’t say anything in my defense. And the point of that was what? To piss me off? Well it worked.

The situation completely reminded me of something that happened to me in the 7th grade and how it made me feel. Even with all the growing up and emotional healing I’ve done since then, I felt like that 12 year old and felt that same hurt all over again.

You may think I’m blowing this out of proportion, but this incident is just another chapter in the long saga of this particular group of friends. And I’ve decided it’s going to be the final chapter.

If I want friends who make me feel like I’m in Junior High again, I’ll go find some 7th graders to hang with. Bottom line is that I’m too damn old to put up with bull@@@@.

UPDATE: It’s Tuesday. I feel better but I’m still pretty annoyed at the lack of defense from my friends when their roommate said those nasty things. I can handle what he said – I’ve heard it all before – it’s just the reaction of my friends (or lack there of) that bothers me.

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