Nick Hogan Released. What A Shame.

Nothing proves the justice system sucks more than this crap.

In case you haven’t heard, Nick Hogan was released from jail today after serving only 166 days of his 8-month sentence for nearly killing his friend.

At about 12:30 this morning (Tuesday), Nick walked (something his victim will never do again) out of jail and met his waiting sister, Brooke. They embraced in a very uncomfortable fashion and said nothing to reporters as they walked to their car and drove off into the sunset.

nick and brooke hogan hug upon nick's release

Later Nick’s mommy, Linda, released the following statement:

“This is our time as a family to come together to support Nick’s adjustment back into the public life keeping it as normal as possible. Neither Nick, nor we as a family, has any interest in making this anything but private. We respect the media’s role and only ask that they respect our privacy. Nick went into prison as a juvenile and has experienced something that will mold and affect him for the rest of his adult life. His focus is to make a positive difference in this world, media free. Since his future actions will speak louder than any words, there is no need to speak to the media at this time.” [Celebrity Royale]

Upon arriving home, Nick Hogan was greeted by – brace yourself – a party! How unbelievably tacky! But I suppose we should expect nothing less for the Hogan clan.

nick hogan jail release party

My friends say:
Nick Hogan Released From Jail – Yeeeah!

Lest we forget…..
nick hogan car crash photos

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2 Responses to “Nick Hogan Released. What A Shame.”
  1. kal Says:

    Are you just another stupid Bimbo that’s got nothing better to do in life than follow Hollywood stars lives and every movement. bet when the fart you can tell what they had for lunch huh. and you say what an injustice he had a 8month sentence lets see if you average 30 days a month , yes so are longer. but 8 times 30 equals 240 days. he served 166 days that means he got out on good behavior 74 days early. oh my god . that’s just 2.47 months early. its a crime murders and drug dealers revolve out of prison easier than that and don’t nearly serve their full terms why don’t you cry and scream about that you stupid moron. lets see how many days did Paris send in jail. are should we count by hours. since it wasn’t even a week. oh the horror. let’s see what about Lohan. what to talk about injustice women have always gotten off easier and with lighter sentences than men. now theirs a true injustice if you do the same crime you should do the same time period. and look how Paris is weaseling out of a drug possession charge. want to talk about another crime. we all know that stars are treated with kid gloves and get special treatment and jail time and even special jail cells and conditions. want to straigten Paris and Lohan out through them in a womens prison the equivolent to folsom or san quinton. far as I’m concerned their all just a bunch of way over paid con people. so they all ready belong in prison. as for nicks case if I remember right they were both drunk and maybe on drug?. but the passenger still got in the car on his on free will. with someone that was completely drunk. they both should have called a cab. and if they weren’t druck the passenger still got in a sports car tio do bullshit with on his on free will. he could have said no go have fun. but didn’t. not to say that nick isn’t completely free of blame. but you make it worse than it is. did the guy get injured while nick was doing bullshit with the car yes. but remember he wanted to be their he assumed risk. he just didn’t think about the risk to clearly. have alot of teen and pre 25men in sports cars, hotrods and muscle cars done similar stuff YES. I included never totaled one like that. but it happens. guess its something more male than you’ll ever understand we like speed the trill of speed, handling, and brute acceleration. did he comit a crim e yes. is he to blame that his freind got injured. yes. is he’s freind to blame tha the got injured yes. is it a crime that he got out early for good behavior NO. thats your justice system in action making room for new offenders. and truely killers – murders drug dealers etc. serve less of their sentences than nick did of he’s. now theirs something to scream about. grow up you stupid idiot bimbo. quit following stars lives like it was something super important. get a life. hell I didn’t even know he’d been released till I saw your link. didn’t really care much either. then I read your little spew of crap shows how immature you really are and its wording just goes and pisses me off.grow up little bimbo. theirs probably a murder living right next door to you that just got out a little while ago. after serving maybe 5 years on a life sentence. and prison made him a better theif and killer so he can get away with it easier and longer.

  2. Rawbee Says:

    Kal, is “Are you just another stupid Bimbo that’s got nothing better to do in life than follow Hollywood stars lives and every movement.” a statement? I may be a little “druck” right now but at least I grew up in Knew Howtospellville, you know, next to I before E-ville. No “murder” lived right next to me there. Anyway, “are should we count by hours” What arrrrrr you; a pirate? Thanks for your little spew of crap wording. It was “equivolent” to someone that should get permission from her mommy before she even read this blog. Hope you don’t ‘comit a crim e” over there in Can’t Afford to Pay Attention in English Classville.