Nicollette Sheridan Sues Desperate Housewives Creator For Assault

You know, there are thousands of people in this country who are currently unemployed and are managing to get by without suing someone.

But not Nicollette Sheridan. Nope. She’s suing Marc Cherry, the guy who created Desperate Housewives and ultimately fired her because, she says, he assaulted her over a year ago.

According to Sheridan’s complaint, Marc Cherry created a hostile work environment from the beginning. She also alleges that when she questioned Cherry regarding something in the script, he slapped her across the face.

How so very…well…Desperate Housewives-y.

Nicollette Sheridan claims in her lawsuit that on September 24, 2008 Marc Cherry physically assaulted her and “took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head.”

The lawsuit also states that when Nicollette’s co-star Teri Hatcher went about Cherry’s head to complain about the abuse, Marc Cherry responded with, “I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies.” Ouch. Not sure that was totally necessary.

Sheridan, by the way, is suing Marc Cherry for more than $20 million.

I don’t understand why celebrities wait so long to sue the people who supposedly did them wrong. If someone slapped me across the face I would wait about as long as it took me to call the police and then my lawyer. Just sayin.


nicollette sheridan sues marc cherry
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