David Carradine Found Dead In Bangkok

I listen to the morning news as I wake up – usually laying there with my eyes closed thinking about how much I don’t want to leave my bed.

This morning while in my half-conscience state, I heard the newscaster say that David Carradine was found dead in Bangkok. To be perfectly honest, I thought I dreamt it. It was so random. They didn’t even say anything about “sad news” – he was talking about the weather or something then announced that Carradine had died.

Anyway, it’s being reported that David Carradine was found by a maid in the Bangkok hotel room he was staying in while filming a movie; he was 72.

According to the initial report by the Thai police (below), Carradine was found in the closet with rope around his neck and body, but those reports are now being disputed. Chuck Binder, David Carradine’s manager has said the he believes the actor’s death was from natural causes.

“Kung Fu” and “Kill Bill” star David Carradine was found hung himself in a closet in a hotel room in Bangkok on Wednesday, Thai police said.

Police believed he committed suicide.

Carradine, 72, was in Bangkok to shoot a movie and stayed at a Suite Room 352 of the Park Nai Lert Hotel on Wireless Road since June 2.

The film crew were aware of his absence when they went to dine out at a restaurant on Sathorn Road on June 3.

Carradine did not show up at the dinner and the team could not reach him. They assumed that he took a rest because of his age.

It was a hotel’s maid who opened his suite on Thursday at 10 am only to find Carradine in a closet. He was described as behind half naked.

Police investigation showed that he hung himself with a rope, the kind that is used with curtains.

Police said he was dead for not less than 12 hours and found no sign of fighting and assaults.


David Carradine, for a lot of people, is one of those actors you recognize when you see him, but just hearing his name may not ring any bells.

Best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine in the 70s TV show Kung Fu, David Carradine has a very long list of acting credits.

To younger generations, David Carradine was the title character Bill in Quentin Taratino’s Kill Bill movies.

Carradine was born in Hollywood, California, the son of Ardanelle Abigail (née McCool) and noted American actor John Carradine. He was the brother of Bruce Carradine and half-brother of Keith and Robert Carradine, as well as the uncle of Ever Carradine and Martha Plimpton. Carradine had Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian and Cherokee ancestry. Carradine attended Oakland Junior College and later studied drama at San Francisco State College before working as an actor on stage and in television and cinema. He changed his given name to David after starting his career. [source]

My heart goes out to the Carradine family, in this their time of sorrow.

david carradine found dead in bangkok
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UPDATE: So my friend leaves a comment about Michael Hutchence of INXS, and then I admitted that when I heard Carradine reportedly had been hanged, my first thought was that it was something sexual – he was in Thailand after all. And then I go to TMZ and see this…..

We just spoke to a rep for David Carradine, who claims the actor’s death was not a suicide.

The rep said David’s death was “accidental.” And there’s this … the BBC is now reporting that David’s body was found hanging with a rope around his neck and “other parts of his body.”

Carradine’s body was found nude, hanging in a closet.

David’s rep added, “We can confirm 100% that he never would have committed suicide. It was an accidental death. Everybody is in shock.”

8 Responses to “David Carradine Found Dead In Bangkok”
  1. Mo Says:

    Awwww, poor “Grasshopper.” So sad.

    I’m just curious if it is anything like what happened to Michael Hutchence of INXS?

    Rest David’s soul. Hope he’s found peace.

  2. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    I didn’t want to admit it, but yeah, the whole auto-erotic thing did occur to me. And he was in Thailand…..

  3. Amanda Says:

    That wasn’t a very ‘zen’ way to go, accidental or not. Guessing he was more Bill than Caine…
    He went to college in Oakland & San Francisco, so the Bay Area lost a great actor today.

  4. Carrie Says:

    I don’t believe it was suicide and foul play is the only other option as far as I was concerned before the update. Iam still disaponted and shocked.I pray for his soul and his family I will hold out hope there is a through CSI team over there.
    Mr. Carrdine was a very fortunate and talented actor, his role in Kung Fu brought awareness o the martal arts and wisdom, strength though peacefulness to hundreds of thousands, if not millons of people. David was trained by Dan Eseto ( dont quote me on the spelling here), whom was best friends with Bruce Lee.
    Goodbye my funny, crazy, unpredictable friend, you never will cese to amaze me! R. I. P.

  5. Mo Says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Carradine and his family, just from what I’ve read and heard (Larry King Live) I think David died accidentally. Now, the HOW he died is the more interesting and intriguing aspect of it all for me.

    I don’t know how anyone can be “100%” sure Carradine didn’t commit suicide, unless they were there in the room with him when he died.

    From what I’ve been able to gather, Carradine was not depressed and had many good things happening in his life; new car, new movie, happy marriage and family life.

    Carradine was found naked, hanged in a closet in his hotel room in Bangkok. No information yet whether he was or had been with anyone prior to his death. So it’s mere speculation to think he may have been with a sexual partner.

    Though Carradine may have been in spiritual search as has been stated in other articles, he’s still human, perhaps with desires and lust. As with Michael Hutchence of INXS, perhaps it was during a sexual encounter that Carradine met his demise. I’m not saying it was anymore than I’m saying it wasn’t.

    I’d like to know the truth even if sex is involved… or not.

  6. pregnancy Says:

    I am so sorry to hear that.

  7. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    I’m sure it was an accident too. I just hope the way he died doesn’t cloud the way he lived and the contributions he made to the world of television and movies.

  8. grasshopper Says:

    so many Kung Fu fans (such as myself) wanted to grow up to be like David Carradine…