OJ Simpson Sentenced To 15 Plus Years In Prison. Finally!

Well, it’s about friggin’ time. Sure, OJ Simpson won’t be spending the next 15 plus years in jail for killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman (as he should be), but at least he’ll be behind bars for something.

OJ Simpson was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison today, as punishment for his conviction on armed robbery and attempted kidnapping charges. Sadly, he could be paroled in 6 years. But hey, six years in the slammer is better than nothing for this no good s-o-b.

Before Judge Jackie Glass handed down OJ’s sentence, the ex-football star put on a sad face and told the court, “I stand here today sorry, somewhat confused. I feel apologetic to people of state of Nevada.”

Uh, confused? What exactly is there to be confused about? Judge Glass clearly wasn’t confused.

“Everything in this case was on tape. And its your own words, Mr. Simpson, your own words, that that brought you here to this seat in my courtroom. The evidence in this case was overwhelming. You went to the room. You took guns. You used force. You took property, and in this state, that amounts to robbery with the use of a deadly weapon.”

In a last ditch effort for mercy, OJ Simpson stuck his hand up his butt and pulled out a loud of crap.

“I didn’t want to steal anything from anybody. I just wanted my personal things. I was stupid. I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was doing anything illegal. I thought I was confronting friends. I thought I was retrieving my things. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody and I didn’t mean to steal anything.

Um, excuse me Mr. Simpson, just because you got away with murder in 1995, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass for everything you do from then on, like kidnapping. Duh.

Watch OJ Simpson’s pathetic apology:

And then The Juice is sentenced:

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