Lisa Bonet Gives New Son Crazy Name. Ruins Him For Life.

Lisa Bonet has officially taken the crown has the celebrity who gives her child the craziest name possible.

Actress Lisa Bonet, 41, and her longtime boyfriend Jason Momoa welcomed a son last month and decided to name him Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

I kid you not. But there is a reason behind the esteem-destroying moniker. According to Jason’s mother:

… the baby arrived during the first half of December on “the stormiest, rainiest night.” As for the decidedly unique name, the grandmother explained that Nakoa means “warrior,” while Mana refers to “strength/spirit,” and Kaua — “rain” — and po — “dark” — refer to the weather conditions when he was born. The second middle name, Namakaeha, is the same as Jason’s.

Baby Nakoa-Wolf has joined older sisters, 17-month-old Lola and 20-year-old Zoe (Lisa Bonet’s child with ex Lenny Kravitz) in the happy odd-name home.

On a side note: Did you know that Lisa Bonet legally changed her name to Lilakoi Moon a few years back? Guess the baby’s name isn’t so odd now.

So who is the Jason Momoa guy, anyway?

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa (born August 1, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American actor and model. He was raised in Norwalk, Iowa by his mother. He is 6?4? (1.93 m) and of mixed Native Hawaiian and Caucasian descent.

In 1998, he returned to Hawaii where he was discovered by international designer Takeo and launched his modeling career. In 1999 he won Hawaii’s Model of the Year and hosted the Miss Teen Hawaii contest. Momoa is best known for his roles as Jason Ioane (1999-2001) in Baywatch Hawaii and as Ronon Dex (2005- ), an elite firearms and mêlée warrior in Stargate Atlantis. [Wikipedia]

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2 Responses to “Lisa Bonet Gives New Son Crazy Name. Ruins Him For Life.”
  1. Renalta Says:

    So….the baby is part Hawaiian, and the parents gave him a Hawaiian name. Weird…What’s next–Chinese immigrants giving their children traditional names? What’s wrong with everyone being named John or Suzie? It doesn’t make sense for parents to honor their heritage and name their children what they want. Don’t they know that kids may tease them? And it would be too hard to expect children to not make fun of someone’s background. We could teach our children strength and pride, but why bother? Just tell them to do what everyone else is doing to avoid being teased.

    Wow, I think I just hurt myself, that was a lot of sarcasm. In school, I had a name that no one else in the district had. Was I teased? Not about my name! Most kids thought it was cool. And I doubt this child will be called by his full name at every opportunity. I don’t think many kids will have a problem with “Hey, Nakoa!”. It’s not as if they named him Bunnyrumpple-Fig Poodlechunks. ^__^

    (oh, and my name isn’t “renalta” ^__^ My name is a traditional Irish name, and I’m not even that Irish, I’m more Jamaican! lol)

  2. D Austin Says:

    Okay – this was a dumb post. I’m part Native Hawaiian, a college graduate with two degrees, and I don’t understand the humor ? of this article. I agree with Renalta. Sheesh. Man.