Super Bowl Commercial MC Hammer and Ed McMahon – Cash4Gold

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and you know what that means. Commercials!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the banned PETA commercial. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it, but I’m a little weird so whatever. I think it’s cheesy, but I don’t think it’s any more sexually offensive than some of the other crap on TV – like Gossip Girl.

So we won’t be seeing a woman masturbate with asparagus this Super Bowl, but we will get to see a commercial that is sure to become a classic.

Ed McMahon has been pretty hard up for cash lately; he’s even sold his old wedding bands and other things he found around the house. MC Hammer has also had some money woes as of late; he seems to be working a lot right now though, so maybe things are looking up.

This Super Bowl Sunday the two men are appearing together in a commercial for Cash4Gold. A service that McMahon says he’s actually used before. No comment from MC Hammer.

Cash4Gold is really easy to use – it’s like getting money for nothing. Now how often does that happen in real life? Pretty much never! On their website Cash4Gold explains how you mail them your “unwanted gold, sliver and platinum” in a special insured envelope then “sit back and relax” and wait for your check from Cash4Gold.

There’s a spot on the Cash4Gold website where you can watch the commercial, but it won’t work until the day of the Super Bowl.

From the sound of it, the Cash4Gold commercial with Ed McMahon and MC Hammer might actually be kinda cute. I’m guessing they poke fun at themselves; which will be nice to see. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself you can’t laugh at anything.

”Anyone can be funny and charming in good times,” says Ed McMahon, “The real test of a man’s character is how you deal with adversity.”

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