David Hasselhoff Responds To Alcohol Poisoning Reports

On Sunday I told you about David Hasselhoff having to be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after his 16-year-old daughter found him passed out on the floor at his home.

Today David Hasselhoff spoke to THE INSIDER and went on record with what he says really happened that night.

He told us today in Santa Barbara, “Yes, I had a few drinks. Yes I checked into the hospital. But it wasn’t for alcohol poisoning and no there’s no police report about a 3.9 [blood alcohol level], that’s completely made up. I don’t know where that came from… no police report.”

When we caught up with Hasselhoff today, he told us, “I’m fine. I’m doing great. But you know what? The attorneys will handle it.”

Hasselhoff is keeping a sense of humor about the situation, telling us: “[My girlfriend Kimberly] brought me an article this morning that’s pretty funny. It said something like: You know you’re an icon when the reports say that you checked into the hospital with alcohol poisoning, that you were intoxicated, that you checked into rehab, you died, came out of rehab and you’re having an affair with gerbils.”


While I am glad that David Hasselhoff did not poison himself with alcohol, I am worried that this is a sign that he still has a serious drinking problem. Did you notice that he didn’t give the real reason for the hospitalization?

Get help now Mr. Hasselhoff, or the next time you enter the hospital you may not leave.

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