Melissa Huckaby Charged With Murder, Rape Of Sandra Cantu [Video]

From one of my local news outlets,

STOCKTON, CA – Melissa Huckaby, the Sunday school teacher accused in the death of Sandra Cantu, was charged with one count of murder with special circumstances, including child molestation.

The criminal complaint filed by the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office alleges Huckaby, 28, with three special circumstances of kidnapping, lewd or lascivious act with a minor under 14, and rape by a foreign object.

Huckaby was charged in San Joaquin County Superior Court in Stockton Tuesday afternoon. She did not enter a plea.

A conviction on the murder charge with special circumstances could make Huckaby eligible for the death penalty or a life sentence without parole. Prosecutors have not said if they will seek capital punishment.

The next court hearing for Huckaby was set for April 24.

Tracy police arrested Huckaby Satuday [sic] morning, 15 days after Cantu disappeared from her Tracy mobile home park. Huckaby lived just a few doors down. Her 5-year-old dauighter [sic] played with the victim.

Cantu’s body was found April 6 in a suitcase in an irrigation pond about two miles from her home.

I didn’t grow up in Tracy, but I know a lot of people who did, and they’re wondering what happened to their safe little town?

First the Tracy teen torture case, and now this.

It really is true that something like this can happen anywhere.

Watch video of Melissa Huckaby’s arraignment in Stockton today…..

5 Responses to “Melissa Huckaby Charged With Murder, Rape Of Sandra Cantu [Video]”
  1. Susan Says:

    Thanks for posting! This whole thing just doesn’t add up but it will be interesting to see what kind of plea/explanation she gives. I feel for little Sandra and if Melissa is guilty, then I hope she gets what she deserves.

  2. erika Says:

    this doesnt add up, either way you put it, it just doenst add up!
    there is a 50/50 precent chance of seeing her in jail and seeing her walk free.
    she might not have even done this, here is my sorta “theory” if you will;
    her grandfather molested her and then she found out that he was doing this to her daughter or eyeing her daughter or something that just rubbed her the wrong way.
    so, she told herself that this “wasnt” fair and MAYBE just MAYBE “gave” sandra to her grandfather. OR in other cases, she wanted Sandra to feel the same thing she did…that is what me and my friend think.
    we could be right, wrongm or whatever. but overal im not really looking at a killer, im looking at a woman showing remorse.
    if we could all look back to caseys trail, she showed NO remorse, no tears, nothing! even when they mentioned calleeys name!
    now even if they MENTION her name aka sandra’s she breaks down basically.
    idk im just trying to consider everything in this case.

  3. frank1823 Says:

    Erika, what reality are you living in? I bet if it were a man accused it would all add up. Women are also capable of such crimes. I think she did it, but am willing to listen to other views. But your theory is so ridiculous it almost had me laughing if this wasn’t such a sad matter.

  4. lyrker Says:

    Huckaby’s been sentenced to life in prison without parole. She entered a guilty plea. She apologized to the Cantu family in court and said she doesn’t “go an hour without thinking about Sandra”.

    She didn’t give the kid to a relative. She drugged her up so she could molest her. The drug killed Sandra. Melissa tried to hide the body and got caught.

    Yep. Women can do this sort of thing. They’re human just like men are.

  5. margaret Says:

    I think that her grandfather has something to do with it. He just gave me a weird feeling when I saw him on tv.