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Fleshlight Sex Toy Flashlight Toys For Sex

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You haven’t masturbated until you’ve masturbated with the Fleshlight Flashlight Pussy.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

It’s better than a blowup doll and even the most realistic latex sex toys. Encased in a container that looks like a large flashlight (so it doesn’t scream “sex toy”) the Fleshlight contains an “interchangeable masturbation sleeve” created with a patented material called Real Feel Superskin – famous for its ability to replicate the feel of the real thing. The sleeves come in a variety of textures to help give you the best experience possible.

Original Fleshlight – classic and smooth

Super Tight Fleshlight – tighter than the Original but just as smooth

Ultra Tight Fleshlight – the tightest of them all, smooth inside no larger than the diameter of a pencil

Wonder Wave Fleshlight – same size as the Super Tight with tight waves on the inside

Super Ribbed Fleshlight – also the same size as the Super Tight, but with over a thousand ribs inside

Speed Bump Fleshlight – the same size as the Super Tight with hundreds of little bumps on the inside

The Fleshlight truly is the best masturbation toy, with its extremely realistic feel, ease of use, and attention to details and quality. Made in the USA the Fleshlight is a high-quality sex toy, and with proper care will last you a lifetime.

Start with the Stamina Training Unit (STU), which was designed with one purpose in mind – to turn ordinary masturbation into an explosive training session. If you can last 10 minutes in the STU with the Fleshlight’s most stimulating inner surface, you can last 20 minutes in bed!

Out of concern for you privacy, all Fleshlight orders are sent in a plain cardboard box with a shipping label identifying the sender as “ILF, Inc.” – the package will not reference “Fleshlight,” “Sex Toy,” or any other description that could blow your cover.

Some important facts, especially for those with certain allergies or health concerns:

The Fleshlight is not made with latex, plastic, or silicone. The Fleshlight is made from a super secret material covered by a series of U.S. patents. There isn’t another sex toy on the market made out of the same material.

The Fleshlight top secret material does not contain phthalates. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the use of Phthalates, which are defined as “any of various salts or esters of phthalic acid used especially as plasticizers and in solvents.”

Inserts, orifices, and colors, oh my!

The Fleshlight inserts come in three sizes, giving you three options for erotic pleasure.

*3/4 Inch Fleshlight – the inside is about three quarters of an inch wide; it feels like a woman in her thirties.

*1/2 Inch Fleshlight – a little less than half an inch in diameter on the inside; closely resembles the tightness of a young woman.

*1/4 Inch Fleshlight – the tightest of the tight; about as wide as a pencil is thick.

There are four orifices from which you can choose for your Fleshlight.

*The “Lady” Fleshlight is in the shape of the traditional lady parts, and its surrounding details.

*The “Mouth” Fleshlight is just what it sounds like and quite realistic in sensation.

*The “Butt” Fleshlight is as obvious as the Mouth, but much tighter – just like real life.

*The “Stealth” Fleshlight is simply a vertical slit at the front of the insert and the most discreet of the four orifices.

If the color of your sex toy is important to you, the Fleshlight inserts comes in three.

*Pink Fleshlight – you know, like a white chick

*Mocha Fleshlight – a little darker than pink, like a white chick with a genital tan

*Ice Fleshlight – the Ice insert is see through so you can watch yourself in action

Create you personal Fleshlight today and have the best masturbatory orgasm of your life tomorrow!

Fleshlight Sex Toy

Have you ever wondered about the history of sex toys? Well wonder no more. I found a great site that has the awesome history of sex toys: MyPleasure.com. Here’s just a taste of their awesome list…..

Around 25,000 B.C. – Clearly sexual prehistoric stone carvings of women. These faceless, nude sculptures boasted greatly oversized breasts, hips, buttocks and vaginal lips. Most experts consider them fertility goddesses, but they may have also served as the porn of their day.

Around 5,000 B.C. – Invention of the olisbos, an early version of the dildo, in the Greek port of Miletus. Traders sold these olisbos around the Mediterranean as sexual refuges for lonely ladies.

Around 300 A.D. – Invention of penis extenders, now known as prosthetic penis attachments or PPAs. These cylindrical devices, which fit over men’s erections to make them look larger, were first mentioned in the classic Indian sex manual, the Kama Sutra, which suggested crafting them from wood, leather, buffalo horn, copper, silver, ivory or gold.

Around 1200 – Invention of the proto-cock ring. The first documented rings were made in China from the eyelids of goats with eyelashes intact. The flexible eyelids were tied around men’s erections, and the hardened lashes were said to increase the pleasure of intercourse.

Around 1600 – Invention of the modern cock ring and clitoral stimulator. Chinese men slipped ivory rings over their erections to help maintain them. The rings were ornately carved, usually depicting dragons. Over time, the carved dragons’ tongues extended to form a nub that would rub against the woman’s clitoris and enhance her pleasure during intercourse.

Around 1750 – Appearance of modern BDSM. European brothels began specializing in flagellation and other SM-style “punishments” that dominant prostitutes meted out to willingly submissive men.

1791 – Publication of Justine by the Marquis de Sade, from whom the term “sadism” is derived. His controversial writings helped popularize BDSM and the many toys used in sexual power play, such as riding crops, whips, nipple clips and restraint devices. (“Masochism” comes from Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, who wrote a novel about male sexual submission.)

1869 – Debut of the first vibrator. Developed by an American physician, George Taylor, M.D., it was a large, cumbersome, steam-powered apparatus. Taylor recommended it for treatment of an illness known at the time as “female hysteria.” Hysteria, from the Greek for “suffering uterus,” involved anxiety, irritability, sexual fantasies, “pelvic heaviness” and “excessive” vaginal lubrication — in other words, sexual arousal. However, since it was the Victorian era, women were not considered to be at all sexual and it was therefore deemed a disease. Physicians of that era treated hysteria by massaging sufferers’ vulvas until they experienced dramatic relief through “paroxysm” (orgasm). Unfortunately, hysteria was a recurrent condition and repeated treatment was often necessary. Taylor touted his steam-driven massage device as speeding treatment while reducing physician fatigue.

1899 – Publication of America’s first advertisement for a home electric vibrator, the Vibratile, in McClure’s magazine — as a cure for headache, wrinkles, and “neuralgia,” or nerve pain, a term that included hysteria.

1921 – The first vibrator advertisement aimed at men. Published in a 1921 issue of Heart’s magazine, it exhorted men to buy vibrators for their wives as Christmas gifts to keep them “young and pretty” and free from the scourge of hysteria.

1952 – AMA declares that hysteria is not really an ailment. Since the vibrator would no longer used as a medical device, it had be acknowledged for its real purpose.

Need more info? Check out the Fleshlight Buyers Guide to make sure you get the right one.


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