House Arrest With Andy Dick From

Got this in my Inbox a little while ago…..

Perpetual Hollywood trainwreck Andy Dick may be under court-ordered house arrest on drug charges, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun. In’s new exclusive series House Arrest with Andy Dick, everyone’s favorite D-lister invites some of his celebrity pals to come chat in his pad-turned-talk show set. The results are just what you’d expect: a mess of hilarious proportions.

Head on over to to watch the first two episodes premiering TODAY, featuring Mad TV actress Mo Collins and Cheaters host Joey Greco.

Also be sure to check back at every day this week for more celeb-on-celeb action with Dr. Drew, Heroes star Greg Grunberg and MILF Jennifer Coolidge.

I checked it out, and it seems pretty funny. But I’m a fan of Andy Dick so I pretty much like anything he does. While I watch Sober House on VH1 (well, on my laptop, since I still don’t have cable) I find myself saying – out loud – how much I like Andy Dick (hmmm, I wonder what that says about me).

Oh, by the way, for all you TMZ haters (you know who you are) – they actually did something good and kind: TMZ Saves Andy Dick from Imminent Arrest

Here’s the first episode of House Arrest with Andy Dick. So far there are only two, so be sure to visit often for more episodes.

House Arrest with Andy Dick: Mo Collins