Iron Chef America Cat Cora Pregnant With Wife’s Baby

I’ve never seen ‘Iron Chef America’ on the Food Network, nor do I have any idea who Cat Cora is, but this story was just too cool to pass up.

Meet Cat Cora (left) and her wife Jennifer (right).

cat cora pregnant wife jennifer's baby

Cat Cora announced today that she is set to give birth to a son in July. That’s great, right? Well, it gets better.

Here’s the cool part…..

Cat Cora’s wife Jennifer is also pregnant, with a due date in April. The two new arrivals will join Cat and Jennifer’s other two children.

“Jennifer and I are thrilled to go through the wonderful experience of pregnancy together. We started the in-vitro process 5 years ago. This has been a miracle for us and we’ll now have 4 beautiful children.”

But here’s the really cool part…..

All four children were conceived using sperm from the same donor. Their DNA from the mother is where it gets kinda crazy:

The couple’s second child, now 23 months, was conceived using Cat Cora’s egg, but was given birth to by Jennifer. The fetus currently within Cat’s womb is biologically Jennifer’s, and the baby that Jennifer is now carrying could be either hers or Cat’s, as both women’s embryos were implanted; Cat and Jennifer say they have no intention of doing DNA testing to find out which one of them is the biological mother.

Phew! That’s complicated – and so neat at the same time.


Cat Cora, by the way, did a photo spread with FHM Magazine – so why did Rachel Ray get so much flack?

cat cora fhm photo shoot
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7 Responses to “Iron Chef America Cat Cora Pregnant With Wife’s Baby”
  1. Ryoko Says:

    Iron Chef Cat Cora is cool. She’s my fav. chef ever, and if you peoples disgrace or offend me (and Cat Cora) i’ll get ya

  2. S321 Says:

    What is truly sad and disturbing, is that when the kids grow up they will know a few things 1) Mom (and her lover) did not have the courage to even know who the father was. 2) Mom (and her lover) did not have the courage to raise them with both a man and woman influence. 3) Mom (and her lover) did not have the integrity or honor to allow their kids to grow up normal and let THEM make their choices…..

  3. WTF? Says:

    But Mom (and her lover) did have the courage to have an open, loving relationship and raise their children as they saw fit. Since when is a family comprised of a man and a womans influence the best way? Look at recent history. Divorce is up, crime is up, kids involved in crime is up. Maybe, just maybe, these two are on to something. Maybe it isn’t about having one man and one woman in a relationship that determines the success, but it might just be about the loving, caring environment these kids will be raised in. You ever think about that?

  4. Brooke Says:

    My wife and I have a 5 year old daughter, she is our world! She is the most incredible thing to happen to either of us. We encounter “straight” people all the time who know us or don’t who constantly comment that we are incredible parents and that our daughter has wonderful manners and is kind and generous to everyone around her.

    It makes us feel great considering the guff we get from everyone else!

    Leave Cat and Jennifer alone, they I can almost 100% guarantee teach their children to be better human beings and give them the values they need to be compassionate and productive members of society better than most “straight” parents.

    Can we “gay” parents really do any worse than the current generation of parents who’s children are killing one other, impregnating and becoming pregnant while still children, failing or dropping out of school in an economy that needs to be supported by them in the coming years? I think not!

    Wake up people! Your God is my God too and if he didn’t want me to be who I am or be blessed with the amazing gift that is my child, he wouldn’t have and the same goes for Cat and Jennifer!!! I commend them for their commitment to their marriage and the preservation and expansion of their family!

  5. Robert Wayne Says:

    That’s weird. It’s like something out of a Frankenstein movie. I feel sorry for the kid.

  6. california chick Says:

    paternity/maternity issues aside… i never realized how much cat’s wife looks like her!!! these two look like sisters! now THAT’S weird!!!!

  7. Missnella Says:

    I love her as a chef and Iron chef america is one of my favourite shows in the world… but sodomy is wrong whether you like it or not… and you’re wrong we don’t all serve the same God.. because if you knew the God I know you’d know that He is not happy with the sinful acts that is happening with all of these gays and lesbians…thats why sodom & gomorrah was burned to the ground….get a clue better yet get a bible