BREAKING NEWS: Missing Tracy Girl Sandra Cantu Body Found

This is horrible, just horrible.

This morning some farm workers found a black container in an irrigation ditch they were draining.

At 8pm tonight it was confirmed that inside the container, which turned out to be a black suitcase, was the body of Sandra Cantu, who went missing from her home on March 27th.

I will obviously be watching the local news at 10pm and will report if there is any other information.

Children go missing everyday, but this one really hit close to home. Literally.

UPDATE 10:30PM: A police caravan has just pulled into the Orchard Estates mobile home park, where Sandra Cantu lived with her family. There are dozens of Tracy residents there, and the general consensus is that the person who took Sandra’s life lives in the mobile home park.

missing girl sandra cantu body found