Marilyn Monroe – Never Before Published Photos Released

The iconic Marilyn Monroe would have turned 83-years-old this past June 1st, were she alive today.

But, as we all know, she isn’t with us because she was killed by the Kennedys. Yeah, I said it!

Here’s my theory in a nutshell…Marilyn Monroe was boinking both President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, she got tired of all the secrets and lies and wanted to go public, the Kennedys freaked out, Monroe ends up dead. Marilyn Monroe and JFK were also heavily addicted to drugs, which may or may not be related to Marilyn’s death.

Let’s take a quick moment to reflect on the thought of John F. Kennedy running the country while alternating between tweaking and being stoned.

JFK was a known abuser of steroids and amphetamines. He then took prescriped [sic] anti-anxiety medicine to counteract the way the illegal drugs made him unfocused and unsteady. [source]


Marilyn Monroe will forever be a stunning 36-year-old in the minds and hearts of all those who loved her then and love her still.

To celebrate Marilyn’s birthday, Life magazine has released never before seen photos of the blonde bombshell that were taken soon after she was signed to 20th Century Fox, at the age of 24.

All the stunning never before published Marilyn Monroe photos can be found at F-Listed

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