SC Governor Mark Sanford – Not Missing, Just Fornicating Outside Of Marriage

Learning that a politician is having an affair is like learning the Duggars are having another baby – neither shocking nor surprising.

The part that’s surprising about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s affair is not that we found out he was cheating on his wife, it was how we found out.

First, Governor Sanford goes missing and no one seems to know where he is. Then, his staff says something about the Governor taking time to be alone and hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Um, yeah… turns out Mark Sanford, the Governor of South Carolina was in Argentina, bumping uglies with is mistress “Maria.”

The jig was up when a reporter from The State – South Carolina’s largest newspaper – bombarded the Governor upon his arrival back from Buenos Aires today, and demanded to know why Sanford’s staff lied about where he really was.

Sanford held a press conference earlier today to apologize for his extra-marital affair. He explained that his wife Jenny has been aware of the other woman for about five months now. They are not legally separated, but are apparently estranged. He indicates that he would like to work things out with her. The couple have four sons.

In an effort to appease those who may want to call for his resignation, he has resigned as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association. No word on whether his post as governor is also in jeopardy. He is in his second term and cannot run for a third.


Sources close to the situation say Mark Sanford and this “Maria” chick met about a year ago and exchanged emails before the relationship became physical.

Side Note: Mark Sanford did not spend Father’s Day weekend with his four children because he was too busy being ‘big daddy’ to “Maria” in Argentina.

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