Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Hair On Fire [Video]

Usmagazine.com released never-before-seen footage Wednesday of the 1984 Pepsi commercial Michael Jackson was filming when his hair caught on fire.

On January 27, 1984 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson was performing in front a large group of fans when the pyrotechnics used for the commercial exploded at the wrong time.

The video clip shows the first take of the Pepsi commercial where everything went according to plan. Michael Jackson does his little song and dance and walks down the steps to join the crowd and start singing with his brothers, then the pyrotechnics explode.

It was on the sixth take that things went horribly and very painfully wrong. Michael Jackson makes his way down the stairs, but the explosion happens before he’s cleared the area. You can clearly see Jackson’s head ignite into flames. At first he is unaware of what happened and continues to dance. Moments later several men jump on Michael to put out the flames.

As Michael Jackson is led away, you can see the hole the fire burnt into his hair – he suffered second and third degree burns on both his head and his face.

Michael Jackson was never the same and arrows are now pointing to that incident as the start of his deadly addiction to pain medication. So basically, it all started going downhill 25 years ago – that’s a long time to hide a drug problem from the public; who knew Michael Jackson was such a great actor.

2 Responses to “Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Hair On Fire [Video]”
  1. jaime reina Says:

    Why Michael Jackson Dead?..he is great a lost one for all, for that reason you can keep its memory in your memory and get all 7 albums for free!

  2. Mo Says:

    Wow! That video is revealing. Sure gives credence to the reports that Michael was bald and wearing a wig for years.

    Hollywood being Hollywood, and vanity being what it is I guess it made it hard for Michael to come out to be his true self. How sad for it all.