Halloween Costumes Ideas For Women – Pregnant Ones Too!

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Halloween is 10 days away and as usual I have no idea what I’m going to do for the night, nor do I have a costume. If you’re in the same boat as I am, perhaps this will help.

Personally, I want to find out what I’m doing before I decide on what to wear, but these Halloween costumes ideas for women have a least gotten my juices flowing.

HalloweenMart picked this year’s Top Five Adult Halloween Costumes, and four of them can definitely be Halloween costumes for women. [source]

1. The Vampire – Vampires are SO in right now. You can really wear anything as long as your face is pale and you have fangs and blood.

2. Michael Jackson – this one is a little tricky for the ladies, but I bet if you’re creative enough you can come up with something.

3. Reality Stars – Pop culture is always popular on Halloween. This year we’ll probably see quite a few Octomom and Kate Gosselin costumes:

octomom halloween costumes for women
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kate gosselin halloween costumes for women
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4. Zombie: Thanks to the awesome movie Zombieland, Zombies are hip, and therefore a great idea for a woman’s Halloween costume. Grab some scrappy clothes, a little gray face paint, and some green goo, and you’re good to go.

5. Bollywood: The harem girl / belly dancing adult women Halloween costumes have been around for years, but in recent years the trend has been moving towards the glamour of India and Bollywood.

bollywood halloween costume for women
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For those ladies who are with child the Halloween season, here are some very cleaver Halloween costumes for pregnant women I found at Families.com.

1. Pillsbury Doughboy – All you need is a white sweatsuit, a chef hat, a little white scarf and some white face paint to complete this look. Just be prepared for even more belly touching than the usual!

2. The Classic Pumpkin Belly – Put on a cute fall outfit, expose the belly and paint it to look like a jack-o-lantern.

3. Farmer – Nothing is cuter than a pregnant woman in a pair of overalls, in my opinion. Pair the overalls with a checkered shirt and a straw hat. If you have other children, dress them up as little farm animals!

4. Gumball Machine – This one is great if you want to hide your belly. Wear red leggings and a red turtleneck. Cut holes in a clear plastic bag for your legs and arms and fill it with small balloons in multiple colors before drawing the bag closed loosely around your neck. If you really want to do this costume right, sew the top portion using clear vinyl (in the fabric section) and make a red floor-length skirt for the bottom (sew in a hula hoop at the bottom).

My favorite is the Gumball Machine. I would love to see that in real life.

animated halloween graphic sexy witch
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