Janet Jackson Interview With Robin Roberts – Confirms Family Interventions

In an interview airing Wednesday night on ABC, Janet Jackson tells Robin Roberts that the Jackson family did in fact stage drug interventions for her older brother Michael, but that they ultimately “weren’t very successful.”

Michael Jackson never accepted the help but knew the family’s attempts to intervene were “out of love, out of caring,” according to Janet. She denies the Jackson family was naïve about MJ’s drug problems or that they enabled him. She did admit, however, that “People can be in denial.”

When Roberts asked a follow-up question about Michael Jackson’s denial, Janet replied, “I wish he could answer this question for you and not me. I felt he was in denial.”

Earlier this week Janet said she believes Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray should be held responsible for her brother’s untimely death. The Los Angeles prosecutor’s office has not decided yet whether or not they will bring official charges against Dr. Murray, who has admitted he gave Michael a powerful anesthetic shortly before his death.

It was well known that Janet and Michael Jackson were the closest of all the Jackson siblings; I can’t even fathom how hard this must be for her.

In response to the Michael Jackson documentary “This Is It” Janet says she has not seen it, “I definitely won’t, not right now. I don’t know if I will ever see it.”


janet jackson interview with robin roberts
Image Source – Michael and Janet Jackson as Kids
Image Source – Michael and Janet Scream Video