Tiger Woods Christmas Picture – Not For Those With No Sense Of Humor

Ok, so I got the Tiger Woods Christmas picture via email this morning from one of my friends and totally starting laughing. I then put it up on Facebook and Twitter. It never occurred to me the picture would be so popular, but when I checked out Google Trends this evening, I saw that I was completely wrong.

I believe the subject line on the email I received said Tiger Woods Christmas Card.

I fully admit I laughed hysterically when I saw the picture. Here’s the deal, the Tiger Woods Christmas picture is so over the top you just can’t help but laugh. If that makes me an insensitive person, so be it.

Side Note: TMZ is reporting that yet another woman has come forward claiming to having had a sexual relationship with Tiger Woods while he has been married. This new development brings the number of alleged Tiger Woods mistresses to four.

The women — a former VIP cocktail server (sounds familiar) — has hired Orlando attorney Michael O’Quinn to address the media with her story very soon.

We’re told the woman claims she began having the alleged affair with Tiger back in 2004 — when she was 20-years-old — and insists the affair lasted for more than two years.


Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the Tiger Woods Christmas picture.

Tiger Woods Christmas Picture


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