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Celebrity Morgue Continued. Anna Nicole Smith.

Back in December, I asked, Celebrity Morgue – Creepy or Cool?.

Whatever your answer, a bunch of you have visited the Celebrity Morgue and have gone back for more. As have I.

Most all death (but more so celebrity death) is fascinating to humans. It’s so hard to really grasp the concept because there’s no solid evidence of what actually happens to a person once they die. One minute you’re alive and your picture is on the cover of magazines, and the next you’re picture is on the celebrity morgue.

We are curious creatures. We are enthralled by murder. We rubber-neck past traffic accidents.

Below is a picture of Anna Nicole Smith in a body bag. I have no idea if it’s actually real, but I would in no way be surprised if it were. I am not responsible for its authenticity.

I debated for a while about whether or not to publish this picture. But it’s not gory or anything. It’s just unsettling. I mean no disrespect to Anna Nicole.

You have the choice now to not scroll down and look. Or you can choose to. It’s up to you. If you do look and get offended, please don’t blame me. I warned you.

Going once.

Going twice.

Last chance.

I mean it.

Oh yeah…don’t forget to visit the Celebrity Morgue.

anna nicole smith dead

90 Responses to “Celebrity Morgue Continued. Anna Nicole Smith.”
  1. Mighty Mo Says:

    Holy cow, Alicia…I read your first Comment left on November 20, 2007 @ 6:46 pm of which I thought was perfectly decent and willing to debate the issue with you.

    Then I read Comment left on November 20, 2007 @ 6:55 pm and it seems like a totally different and angry person. No offense, but did the meds wear off or did you forget to take them? However…remaining on topic here with the two very different comments:

    To the first comment about Anna committing suicide— I don’t believe I ever stated it wasn’t plausible. You’re right; Anna may have wanted to spare herself and her children by wanting to “off” herself. And Howard helped her along the way. Could certainly be true, Alicia. I just haven’t seen any evidence of this being true (that Anna had assisted suicide from Howard.) And sadly, I don’t think we can ever truly know.

    Even IF Howard assisted Anna to her death, is it not still a crime? Anna didn’t leave any signs that she wanted to commit suicide. Yes she was depressed, but suicidal? I think not but I COULD be wrong, as well as right.

    As for Virgie being a white trash witch— It seems to me, during all these months and over a year, Virgie Arthur’s story has stood all the scrutiny and mud slinging. Her story hasn’t changed, which is more than I can say for Stern or Birkhead. I have a great deal of compassion and admiration for Virgie. If she were truly after the money, don’t you think she or any of the other family members would have sold personal family photos to the National Enquirer or Splash Magazine? Seems to me, Stern and Prickhead (no, not a typo) are the only ones who’ve made money off of dead Daniel and Anna.

  2. Alicia Says:

    Hey Mighty Mo,

    I can assure you I’m sane I don’t take drugs of any kind. I just never liked Virgie she just seems that her caring for Anna was through the camera, I’m glad she wasn’t allowed to go to Dannielynns Party. There’s just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe she’s partly the reason Nicole wanted to kill her self blaming her for Daniels death. As for the pictures I bet she will sell them to a tabloid or whatever she’s just waiting for some more time to pass that’s all. Believe me she is out for Money somehow she will try get it. I hope Dannielynn never sees Virgie ever,if that day comes Anna will roll over in her grave.I just don’t feel sorry for Virgie. And as for the pictures she would of sold are all old everyone wants recent pictures no one will care about her when she was a little girl that want to see the Glamour girl Anna, Not the 4 year old sitting on mommies lap.

  3. Mighty Mo Says:

    Okay Alicia, I’ll take your word for it that you’re sane. This is the Internet and we can say and be whatever we want to say or be.

    Simply because Virgie rubs you the wrong way doesn’t mean she’s guilty of anything. And again, this is only your (or my) perception on her.

    You state “Maybe she’s partly the reason Nicole wanted to kill her self…” I’d like to know your source for this statement. In all the months I’ve been deeply engrossed in this saga, NOT ONCE have I ever come across anything that Anna wanted to kill herself.

    Thus far, only Howard and Larry have sold pictures for profit.

    How can I believe you saying Virigie is out for money when you’ve provided no evidence to support your statement? Again, Howard and Larry seems to have been the one’s profiting off of Anna’s death.

    If you think old family pictures are worthless, I believe you are mistaken. Looking back at history of celebrity entertainment, current and past photos are worth money. Usually it’s worth more once the celebrity is dead.

    Also, can you tell me how you know Virgie will sell her photos at some other time? Do you have a magic wand that let’s you see into the future as to what others will do? If so, can you tell me if I’m gonna win the Lotto?

    I don’t want to argue with you or anyone, but I am up for any healthy debate to get our points across. We don’t have to agree with one another but I would ask that we both provide factual evidence for the claims we make.

  4. Nikki Says:

    I think that Anna Nicole smiths death was no accident nor was the death of her son …I truly believe that the both of them were murdered …There’s alot of money at stake and not so nice people will do anything to achieve it…rest in peace Anna and Daniel Smith…

  5. Mighty Mo Says:

    I agree, Nikki. May Daniel and Anna rest in peace. Tomorrow is Anna’s 4oth birthday. I hope Truth and Justice will prevail from their two deaths.

  6. Alicia Says:

    Ok say if she was “murdered” how can they really prove it? Nicole is Dead so how do they know she really didn’t take the drugs herself without help? You just don’t know.And there’s noone who can really say wether it’s accidental if I was Anna and someone was forcing medicine down my throat I do something to fight that person off. it’s 50-50 so whos to say that it was truly murder? Anna can’t speak and nobody is confessing.

  7. Mighty Mo Says:

    You’re right, Alicia. How can we ever really know how Anna died? The only person still remaining is Howard K. Stern and he’s PROVED to be a liar by HIS OWN WORDS. (Check court testimonies and transcripts.)

    You may go on thinking Anna took her own life with the aid of another. I just haven’t seen any evidence or signs that this happened. You’re theory is plausible, but again will you show me proof it happened? IF it is true that Anna deliberately took her own life, what does that make Stern or the person who helped Anna die?

  8. Caroline Says:

    Who do you think you are putting this online???? You have no respect for the dead, I did a google search for anna and this was on the first page. I know there are lots of creeps out there and you may say if it wasn’t you it’d been someone else but that is no excuse. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that does not give you free reign to do what you please, use your head!!! I hope it’s fake, for her family’s sake.

    What’s wrong with ppl??

    Caroline 21, KY

  9. lio Says:

    wel…all people shall die one day, but does she deserve all of that for her?
    i mean, she was a beautiful look, not more than that, who will remember her within the next few years?
    those who wanted to do her shall find other nice girls, they will not castrade themselves after she passed the way, right..
    and why drugs? is it to forget the hard reality? so what should the poor people do?
    thus, money will never save the humanity from agony, what do you say…

    the downtowner

  10. Mighty Mo Says:

    Caroline 21, KY

    Comment left on December 2, 2007 @ 10:28 pm
    Caroline – I’m not sure what your problem is. You googled Anna and this site was the first thing that came up. When you google something, you better be prepared for what comes up cause you sure have no control over it. Maybe you should have googled “Decent and Acceptable pictures I want of Anna Nicole Smith.” What your post shows is that you are passing judgment.

    You were searching for something and then didn’t like what you found. That’s kinda like asking someone a question and then getting mad about their answer. People like that make me angry.

    If you don’t like what you see, turn the page.

  11. Mighty Mo Says:

    LIO – Comment left on December 3, 2007 @ 3:47 am

    I have NO IDEA what the hell your post is about. Can ya maybe connect two thoughts together and follow through with it?

  12. jazzypooh Says:

    I dont think theyh should have put this picture on the internet becuase its just not right. everyone knows that she died but we dont want to see her that way. i wouldnt want anyone to see e that way if i was to die.

  13. Veronica Says:

    R.I.P Anna!! I love you, and you will ALWAYS be remembered!!

  14. Rosalia Dixon Says:

    God, Dannielynn must not see this picture–EVER! It is really a shame that ANS is shown this way; it is a rather disturbing image to see. I am truly saddened the whole thing, but the most I am saddened about is what Dannielynn will one day see and hear that are not nice or good, and they are coming with no doubt or escape. Hopefully, with the proper guidance from her father, Larry, she will grow up just fine and beautiful, of course.

  15. The truth will come out Says:

    She was MURDERED by Howard K Stern….

    This I personally know for a fact.


  16. JENNIFER Says:



  17. damien Says:

    you will always be in my mind and heart

  18. POIROT Says:

    Mighty Mo aka: Emmett Glenn, Targets, Ego buster you are obsessed with Howard K. Stern. I know you are middle aged gay. Do you have a secret fantasy about him?I can feel you have ambivalent feelings toward him, you hate him and in the same time you lust for him .He is rich, bold, smart, wicked, and he got away with so many things. But i have to disappoint you he likes girls, rich girls (Dr. Khristine is Howie’s ‘special’ girl, IYKWIM)

  19. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    Poirot –

    Uh, Mighty Mo is not a man. But thanks for your assumption that she’s a gay man – it makes you look stupid.

    Maybe you’re the one with the secret Howard K Stern fantasy.


    Hey its feels like its been so long since our anna left us. one thin iz her daughter iz more beauiful then an angel.

  21. keithy Says:


  22. FRED EWART Says:

    rest in peace baby, u were a good girl, who was treated like garbaGE FROM THE WORLD, YOUR REVENGE WILL BE IN HEAVEN WHEN U MEET THE BASTARDS,

  23. Zoe Says:

    Anna, you were beautiful. Everyone had their opinion of you, but you were the one who knew what you were like.
    I wish your daughter all the best in life. Daniellynn is a georgeous little girl. I’m sure her father will look after her well.
    R.I.P Anna

  24. nic Says:

    You guys are losers, always be in my heart ROFL you didnt even @@@@in know her!

  25. Mosey Says:

    POIROT Says:
    October 15th, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Mighty Mo aka: Emmett Glenn, Targets, Ego buster you are obsessed with Howard K. Stern. I know you are middle aged gay. Do you have a secret fantasy about him?I can feel you have ambivalent feelings toward him, you hate him and in the same time you lust for him .He is rich, bold, smart, wicked, and he got away with so many things. But i have to disappoint you he likes girls, rich girls (Dr. Khristine is Howie’s ‘special’ girl, IYKWIM)
    Ahhhhhh, sorry I missed this one. I see we have someone from this whole ANS saga that knows about TMZ and Topix

    I was accused of being Canuck and Thangs too. Now Emmett/Targets/EgoBuster (you forgot Mrs. Malarkey and DWAU, as two of his more “famous” monikers.) You know NOTHING. But hey knock yourself out.

    I still believe stern is guilty as sin and LarrySue is a weak weenie. I’m not obsessed with stern but I AM obsessed about finding justice and truth for two people who died under mysterious circumstances. stern and drugs being common denominators in those deaths.

    Sadly, we will never know the full truths about their deaths. Daniel and Anna are dead and I don’t believe what stern says. He lies too much to be believed.

  26. joe Says:

    Wow, that is crazy.

  27. jill Says:

    Boo hoo. She was a psycho, drug sucking, tramp. So what if with all that gawdy makeup she looked like Marilyn. She was famous for being a skank and diggin her fake nails into an old dying man. Good riddens.

  28. Mosey Says:

    Joe- You’re right; a lot of the stuff having to do with Anna Nicole Smith is crazy.

    Jill- Your compassion shows ever so bright with your post. Society is so very lucky to have you. (Read those first two sentences with sarcasm.) Personally, I feel Anna was fighting a lot of demons. Yes, she seemed as if she had a lot of “psycho” stuff going on and yes, she appeared to be a drug addict. I don’t necessarily think someone should be dead because of it though. Don’t forget the players and enablers that was in Anna’s life toward the end of it. A “lawyer” and “doctor” who fed her enough drugs to kill a horse. Daniel and Anna are dead and there’s been no accountability for it, despite so called rulings or Inquest. What I got out of it (Daniel and Anna’s deaths) are glaring corruption (legal, judicial and medical levels) and ineptitude to a very high degree.

  29. Jennylover22 Says:

    Ummmmmm…ok why is this picture on the web.People do not know what to do with there lives.Anna Nicole was a very beautiful person.She deserves to be remember for the nice things she did.I love you anna and nothing will change that.

  30. Mosey Says:

    Hey Jennylove22~

    I can appreciate you wanting Anna Nicole Smith to be remembered for the nice things she did. You should name a few of the “nice things” Anna did to support your statement. What were they exactly???

    Anna Nicole was a beautiful woman who died a tragic and unnecessary early death at the hands of Howard K. Stern, Dr’s (cough, cough) Kapoor and Eroshevich. I hope those three get nailed for all their wrong doings.

  31. jenniferbender Says:

    alot of you @@@@@es wish you looked as good as anna nicole in the body bag…..who cares about her drug use or whatever,,, ddont hate…. she is gone and she was tormented her whole life despite her times of sheer bliss.. lets remember her as a person with a need to be accepted from society.. she never ws i will always love her but in most peoples mind she willl be a joke,

  32. Mo Says:

    jenniferbender Says:
    May 13th, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    alot of you @@@@@es wish you looked as good as anna nicole in the body bag…..who cares about her drug use or whatever,,, ddont hate…. she is gone and she was tormented her whole life despite her times of sheer bliss.. lets remember her as a person with a need to be accepted from society.. she never ws i will always love her but in most peoples mind she willl be a joke,

    jenniferbender: I find your post confusing. “…who cares about her drung use or whaterver,,,ddont hate…” I believe she was KILLED by an overKILL amount of drugs by given to her by howard k. stern helped by dr.s eroshevich and kapoor. It seems a conspiracy (of which they’ve been legally charged.)

    In case you didn’t know, those three stooges were indicted recently and had their arraignment the other day. stern, eroshevich and kapoor need to have their day in court to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of them.

    I agree, Anna was a tormented soul. I also believe stern preyed upon her weaknesses. I’m not sure Anna experienced “bliss” without being drugged up, often to oblivion. Daniel may have been her only bliss.

    I don’t know that she needed “acceptance from society” as much as she needed to accept herself. I think she was a tormented soul, especially more so after Daniel was killed. (I believe howard k. stern killed him.)

    And you’re right, probably to many she will be “remembered as a joke.” It’s what she portrayed and many of us saw in the media. I’d like to know the Anna that wasn’t in front of the camera, before she hooked up with stern, whereupon Anna had a parasite which she finally died from (is my belief.)

  33. Marie Says:

    Anna missed by everyone but I do belive that Howard K.Stern killed Anna on per@@@@ to get her money and the kid so he could ruin dannylynn for no rision just a stelfish BASTERD

  34. Sue Says:

    It doesn’t matter who she was…addicts have a disease, very cunning and disabling…it also doesn’t matter who gave her drugs…the need is so strong, addicts will go to any lengths to get them

  35. Mo Says:

    I agree Marie, I believe howard K (for killer?) stern facilitated Anna’s death. Probably her son Daniel too! I’m not so sure howard wanted to ruin Dannielynn’s life though. She would have been his meal ticket, had the DNA test not proved larry birkhead is her bio father. (BTW, I don’t capitalize their names because I don’t believe they merit the respect.) stern knew she wasn’t his daughter and I believe he set about making sure he was financed handsomely without legal claim to Dannielynn. Remember, stern is the Executor of Anna’s Estate. And 6% of the Marshall money mirage.

    Sue~ Yes, addiction is very powerful and can be disabling, whether it be tobacco or sugar, alcohol or narcotics. A junkie will do just about anything, if not everything, to score their next fix. For Anna, I believe it was facilitated and she ended up dead. She was really sick with a fever of 105 just a couple days before her death, if not the day before she died. She didn’t look for her fix as much as stern gave it to her. Anna ended up dead.

    Yes, Anna was an addict and in need to serious professional help that her “friends” didn’t provide for her. Instead, Anna was prescribed an overkill amount of drugs that ended her life.

    stern, eroshevic and kapoor should go to jail for their roles in the death of Anna.

  36. cheryl Says:

    Hey Ashley……..that photo really is Marilyn Monroe. It’s been around for years and years. I first saw it years ago in a book written in the late 60s. Death is not a pretty thing, not even for a beautiful star.

  37. moh Says:

    its because her job sure the god will burn her and all women sale thire bodies

  38. marg brewer Says:

    This is a fake. The body bag she was in was white.

  39. Hyperone Says:

    They killed her all information from media is false.
    To much money she gained in very short time.
    poor girl…

  40. Joey Says:

    Lol, the bitch is dead, looks better actually being dead.