Hey, What’s Owen Wilson Been Doing The Past Two Years?

So I’m doing some behind the scenes work on my blog this week and something crossed my mind – how come we’ve never heard from Owen Wilson about his August 2007 suicide attempt?

I mean, wow! He’s really been left alone on this one.

Isn’t that weird?

We spend our days waiting for the likes of Lindsay Lohan to cut herself too deep, or for Paris Hilton to say screw it all and down a bunch of pills.

But here we have an actor, who we all know actually literally tried to kill himself, and yet it seems no one wants to talk to him about that?

Do you have to be a young starlet eager to show a shaven beaver or caught in a sex tape scandal to get noticed when you try to end it all?

Or is Owen simply respected enough in Hollywood that he’s left alone; when he wants to talk about it, he’ll talk about it.

Ok, well, no offense Owen Wilson, but I think it’s time for you to clue us in on why you wanted to take your own life. Tell us how even celebrities have deep secrets and struggles and thoughts of darkness.

I really don’t want to intrude on his life, but I really, really want to know why Owen thought the world would be better off without him (which it wouldn’t be because he’s friggin’ hilarious and the world needs all the laughter it can get).

So what’s up Owen Wilson? How you been these past two years?

owen wilson suicide attempt
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4 Responses to “Hey, What’s Owen Wilson Been Doing The Past Two Years?”
  1. About Owen ... Says:

    Interesting post!

    A number of things seem to be going on:

    1.) SEXISM – Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, even Britney Spears (who has admirably gotten her life back together) are always fair game because some people (men AND women) are delighted to see successful women fail. Women are supposed to be virgins AND wh-res and when they freak out, they are treated like dirt. When a “bad boy” loses it, it’s met with sympathy; probably because a lot of men fans want to BE the “bad boy” and women fans think they can be the one to change their wild ways.

    For example, Wilson’s having an affair with Kate Hudson while she was still married to Chris Robinson was comparable to Angelina Jolie’s behavior with Brad Pitt when he was married to Jennifer Aniston BUT people call Jolie a home-wrecker and a sl-t and sympathize with Aniston. Somehow Wilson escapes this tag altogther and Kate Hudson becomes the sl-t and home-wrecker! But if Wilson = Jolie, Aniston = Chris Robinson, then how does Wilson become the object of sympathy in the way that Aniston is. Sexism, that’s how …

    2.) REALLY GOOD LAWYERS – Owen Wilson has plenty of high-powered Hollywood lawyers who are paid BIG BUCKS to keep reports/pics of his “hard-partying” ways out of the press. Back in 2004, there was an internet report that he had entered rehab for a heroin addiction which never saw the light of day in the mainstream press (in addition to his rehab at Hazelton in 2000) and to this day, pictures still crop up of him on the net of him drinking alone at a bar, looking out-of-it, buggering some woman outside a nightclub in St. Tropez (practically out in the open), etc … which NEVER get published. Lots of people seem to get paid off to make things disappear for him – maybe Lindsay Lohan just doesn’t have the same kinds of resources to keep her reputation as well-guarded.

    3.) COVER-UP OF MENTAL ILLNESS/SUBSTANCE ABUSE ISSUES – I believe that people close to Owen really expected him to go to rehab/treatment and then to talk about what happened after some time had passed following his “incident”. I think his family calling 911 was really akin to a form of “public intervention” and not because he was at death’s door – he was photographed at his brother’s BBQ about a week later. It probably didn’t work out like they hoped because Wilson won’t acknowledge that he has a problem. His attitude and some of his behaviors sounds like bipolar disorder with borderline tendencies (hence the cutting) and if he won’t acknowledge the underlying psychological issues, he won’t be able to deal with his addictions. This in turn forces everyone in his family and close circle to continue to cover up for him and protect him.

    Bottom line – I don’t think you’ll be reading any in-depth profile interviews with Owen Wilson anytime soon.

  2. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    I totally agree; I was prepared to go point by point but then I realized I agreed with it all. 🙂

    Hate to be the cynic, but I bet Owen Wilson will start talking when he has a book to promote.

  3. Mike Miller Says:

    I wouldn’t say you’re being cynical – you’re just being dead on accurate. Look at Andre “I was a meth addict who tanked matches” Agassi – these dudes will talk about anything when it’ll put money in their pockets. Until then, fuggeddaboutit.

  4. Not Sure Says:

    I’m thinking more along the lines of ADHD than bipolar disorder. I bring this up because my ex husband has ADHD as well as my children. People with ADHD have a tendency to self medicate, which is what my ex did. They do this to try to feel more normal and feel like they can fit in. People that are medically treated can learn to cope with the disorder as my oldest son has done. I don’t know if you have watched interviews or behind the scene footage with any of the Wilson brothers, but I have seen a lot of fidgeting and the need to touch things. I have really noticed this with oldest Wilson brother Andrew. It totally reminds me of things my kids tend to do. Also, in old interviews of the Wilson’s I get the feeling that Owen was in and out of trouble on a regular basis, another sign of ADHD. People with ADHD have no sense of consequences, just ask my oldest sons former school principals, they’ll agree. Strangely enough, the main drug used to treat ADHD is speed, such as ritalin. The reality is, it’s Owen’s choice as to whether he discusses his attempted suicide. I can only hope that he gets what ever medical treatment he needs what ever his situation is.