Naomi Campbell Wanted By Police For Being A Crazy B*tch

In the past three years, Naomi Campbell has twice pleaded guilty to assault.

Apparently she has learned nothing from those experiences, as she is once again accused of hitting someone.

This time the supermodel with a super mean temper is said to have hit her driver on Tuesday as he drove her through Midtown. When the driver pulled over, Naomi Campbell took off. According to reports the incident happened at the intersection of Second Avenue and 58th Street.

The driver was left with a small bruise under his eye, the result of hitting the steering wheel when Campbell hit him.

No charges have been filed, and as of Tuesday evening, police had still not located the notorious fashion b*tch.

A spokesperson for Naomi Campbell, Jeff Raymond, of course said we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, “There shouldn’t be a rush to judgment…Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye.”

I’m curious to find out what the “more to the story” is – but given Campbell’s past violent discretions, I’m guessing she’s not innocent in this matter.

In 2007, Naomi pled guilty to reckless assault in New York for hitting her maid in the head with a cell phone in 2006. She was given five days of community service and ordered to attend anger management classes.

Then in 2008, Naomi Campbell pled guilty in England to assaulting two police officers at Heathrow Airport in London. Her punishment for that assault was 200 hours of community service and a fine of $4,600.

How about we try jail this time? Maybe it’ll be a little more effective than picking up trash and ploppin’ down some cash. Maybe what Naomi Campbell needs is Big Bertha showing her who’s boss. Just a thought.


naomi campbell wanted by police