Madonna’s Going Retail With ‘Material Girl’ Clothing Line

So I’m pretty much convinced that Madonna really thinks she’s still young and super hot and everything she does nowadays is to help her stay in that delusion.

There’s dressing way too young, having high-energy concerts, dating a way younger man, working out far too much, and now there’s a fashion line for teens.

Iconix Brand Group, Inc had brought Madonna into their folds and formed a joint venture called MG Icon LLC; a company that will launch several fashion-related projects with retailers around the world.

This August, expect to see Madonna’s “Material Girl” clothing line in the Junior’s section of Macy’s department stores.

Of the line Madonna said,

“Joining forces with Iconix to bring my fashion ideas to consumers is very exciting for me. I look forward to working closely with Neil and his team to create and translate my vision and ideas for MG Icon.”


The “Material Girl” clothing line is aimed at 13 to 25 year olds who want to spend $12 to $40 on apparel, footwear, handbags, and jewelry.

Hey Madonna! How about a fashion line for those of us in our 30s and 40s? We are, after all, the ones who latched onto you in the beginning and helped propel you to where you are today. Just Sayin’.

Obviously Madonna will endorse her line, but apparently she’s also thinking about endorsing other Iconix Brand Group brands like Danskins and Ed Hardy.

Madonna Material Girl Clothing Line

Speaking of Ed Hardy (verp) …..

It looks like the hot mess that is Lindsay Lohan is going to be designing a new line of handbags for Ed Hardy. No, really.

“Lindsay and the design team at Ed Hardy have mutual friends, and they knew she was interested in looking for a handbag license and partner,” [the] source says. “They thought she’d be a good fit and so did she.”

So far, it sounds like the collaboration is running smoothly. “As of last week, there are three collections in development and numerous more are expected,” [the] source says. “Lindsay is very directly involved with the project, and she’s always pulling things online and from magazines for ideas.”


Friendly advice for Lindsay Lohan from Hilary Shepherd:

If this handbag thing totally bombs (like your stint with Ungaro), please stay away from the fashion world forever. Straighten out your life and go back to acting – it’s actually something you’re good at.

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