Big News – Sarah Palin Is Getting A Reality Show

Coming soon to a television near you – “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”!

Looks like the rumors are true folks, former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin is getting her own reality show.

Discovery Communications – who owns the Discovery Channel and TLC among others – won the bidding war with A&E. Yes, there were actually people fighting to have Sarah Palin.

Allegedly Palin will make an estimated $1 million per episode.

That’s insane!

It is said that Palin will move into her new task of being an Alaskan guide and host of the program, encompassing the incredible beauty of her beloved state in a “high-definition nature series”. In comparison, the show will include an expedition of “travel” guided by Miss Palin herself.

So basically it’s a show about the beauty of Alaska and they’re just having Sarah Palin host it. Yeah, that so does not warrant a million dollars per episode.

On Tuesday Sarah Palin gave her opinion on how to “undo Obama’s socializing of America” and the severity of the alleged “shredding” of our constitution during an interview with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel:

“It’s severe but let’s not be sad about it. Let’s be fired up and energized and invigorated and decide no, we’re going to do all that we can to take our country back. But those who love America and don’t want to see that transformation of America into some kind of socialized country, let’s get on our high horse and start doing all that we can to provide more education, more information to voters so that in these midterm elections they can elect people who will undo what happened to America last night”.

Um…..what? Did she say “get on our high horse”? Does she mean “take the high road”?

Oh man, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is gonna be a hoot!