Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars March 29 – Kate Makes Tony Want To Quit

Kate Gosselin needs to work on her dance moves way more than she needs America to like her.

I mean, is it just me or does it seem like Kate is trying really hard to be funny and liked by everyone? She thinks she’s funny, but she’s not. She’s just one of those chicks who try to tell jokes or say one-liners, only to come across as completely awkward.

If she really wants America to like her, Kate Gosselin should just keep her mouth closed and do as she’s told. And she especially shouldn’t talk back to Tony Dovolani when he’s just trying to teach her pathetic ass how to dance. Which, judging from Kate’s skill, is a daunting task.

During rehearsals for the second week, frustrated Kate, who doesn’t take to dancing naturally, made Tony feel like she thought he didn’t know how to teach her how to dance. He felt like she was blaming him because she couldn’t get a particular move.

This really ruffled his feathers because, well, he teaches people to dance for a living, on national television. They continued to bicker until Kate complained that Tony wasn’t hearing, which prompted him to respond, “I’ve heard you all day.”

When Kate fired back, “Please, don’t make arguments where there’s none” Tony stormed off shouting “I quit.” It’s almost like Kate is married again!

Tony didn’t really quit, he returned to help Kate rehearse, but Kate performance on the big night majorly flopped with a 15 out of 30 points.


Kate Gosselin is so rude and total diva. As my mother would say, “Who died and made you Queen?”