Lady Gaga At Top Of List For Next James Bond Theme Song

I think this is a perfect fit.

Lady Gaga, who just turned 24, is reportedly soon to be in discussions to sing the theme song for the next James Bond flick; studio executives are expected to meet with the unique singer in the next few weeks.

How cool will that be?

“Bond bosses are all huge Gaga fans,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “Her sound and sense of drama make her the top choice. Gaga has the look as well as the voice to tackle a thundering ballad. She’s a great songwriter too. This is perfect on every level.”

Along with Lady Gaga, Michael Buble is expected to submit a tape for review; studio executives will choose the best song of the two.

I’m obviously pulling for Gaga, but that’s just me.

Meanwhile, Gaga’s concert rider has been revealed. The singer asks for a cup of tea and some decaf coffee before gigs, and also likes to have low-fat milk, salsa and guacamole dips and wholewheat bread and crackers on hand.

She also requests a plate of cheese, a jar of honey and a whole roast chicken.

Her drinks list is alcohol-free, but includes cola, ginger ale and 12 bottles of still water.

“Despite her out-there image, this rider proves that Lady Gaga is actually quite down-to-earth and normal compared to the diva-like demands of some pop stars,” a source said.


Gaga ….. Lady Gaga …..