Jennifer Love Hewitt Writing Book On Relationships. No, Really.

I often read headlines that make me gasp, but I’ve noticed lately that my reaction has become automatic, and no longer a true measure of my genuine response.

But when I read the headlines about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new project, my jaw nearly hit the floor with pure unfiltered awe.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has been with more guys than she probably has purses, and has been engaged to half of them (‘has’ being the operative word since not a single engagement has actually led to marriage), is writing a book about the world of love and dating.

Try not to hurt yourself falling over from laughter. I’ll wait while you regain your composer.

Ok, so Jennifer Love Hewitt has decided that she’s such an expert on relationships that she felt the need to share her knowledge with the world through a book entitled, The Day I Shot Cupid. The book is expected to hit stores in March 2010. Personally I think Valentine’s Day would be a more appropriate release date; but that’s just me.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s past boyfriends and/or fiancées include, but are not limited to, Carson Daly, Enrique Iglesias, Joey Lawrence, John Mayer, and Will Friedle.

Most recently she ended an engagement with Ross McCall, and now Jennifer Love is dating her Ghost Whisperer co-star Jamie Kennedy.

According to a press release, the book “reveals a surprisingly wicked sense of humor as [Jennifer] explores the new landscape of modern dating and offers up a wide range of practical tips, from text-flirting and IM-ing to what men and women really want, and how to start over after a breakup.”

“I thought it was time to share the real story of what I’ve learned navigating the dating waters,” People quoted her as saying in a statement to Voice publishers.

“Hopefully, in addition to having a good laugh, women reading this will learn from some of my hard lessons,” she added.


There are two ways this book could go. It could turn out to be excellent and teach hundreds of girls what not to do when it comes to relationships, or it can go the way of the parenting book by Britney Spears’s mom Lynn, and basically be laughed off the shelves.

Whatever the success of the book, I think we can all agree that Jennifer Love Hewitt has plenty to talk about when it comes to relationships.

jennifer love hewitt writing book on relationships
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