Kate Gosselin Makes Fool Of Self With Angry Paso Doble

I haven’t felt that much pain watching something in a long time. Thanks a lot Kate Gosselin!

In case you missed it, dancers on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars were supposed to convey a story using through dance – which this week was either the Waltz, the Quick Step or the Paso Doble.

Reality TV personality Kate Gosselin, who was clearly asked to be on the show for pure ratings reasons only, because she’s beyond not being able to dance, once again gave a horribly stiff and dull performance.

And this performance was supposed to be full of emotions close to the dancers’ hearts! Ooops. Maybe Kate really does have a heart of ice.

Kate and her partner Tony danced to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” – well actually, Tony danced, Kate mostly just stomped around looking pissed – and were supposedly telling the story of Kate’s love/hate relationship with the tabloid media.

This is where we get out our violins and say “oh poor Kate, the paparazzi just won’t leave you alone and you’ve done nothing wrong.” It’s not like you plastered your life of raising a litter all over the TV or anything.

Give me a break. You love it Kate! It’s the whole reason you’re even on DWTS for crying out loud.

Anyway, her Paso Doble was awkward and really odd, and pretty uncomfortable to watch.

The judges didn’t like it much ether. All three of them said the dance was “strange,” that it “lacked emotion” and quite frankly, it just “wasn’t very good, Kate, Sorry.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Kate Gosselin’s hair and outfit were absolutely atrocious.