VIP At Clickbooth’s Affiliate Apocalypse Party AdTech SF 2010, Thanks John Chow!

Just when I thought my good luck was running out, I win something – a very cool something as a matter of fact.

This week is ad:tech San Francisco 2010, the largest gathering of online marketers; where agencies, brands, publishers and service providers alike come together to learn from each other, share their secrets, and network.

So what’s the cool part, you ask?

That would be the VIP pass I won for the Clickbooth Affiliate Apocalypse Party going on tonight.

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Oh yeah, baby! I’m VIP!!

A special thank you to John Chow and Eric Schechter who were the deciding factors of my VIP status.

And all I had to do to win was tell them how hot I am and how excited I am for ad:tech San Francisco 2010.

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Can’t forget Eric Schechter and John Chow, who both clearly see the VIP-ness in me.

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So now all I have to do is live up to my self-proclaimed hotness. Hmm, yeah, something tells me that won’t very hard.

Time to party VIP-style! Check you later, bitches!!

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