Fashion Fights AIDS San Francisco – More Designers Added!!

Wow! The Fashion Fights AIDS fashion show in San Francisco this coming Friday (the 16th) is really turning into a big shindig!

I think it’s going to be a blast!! Have you bought your tickets yet?? Better hurry!

Tickets on sale now at

$15.00 pre-sale and $20.00 at the door (early arrival suggested this place will be packed!)

Back on June 12th I told you about some of the great designers who will be featured at the fashion show. Since then, more awesome designers have been added!

I told you the Fashion Fights AIDS San Francisco Fashion Show was getting big!!

The new designers include, in alphabetical order:

Agape Amour Couture by Jeremiah Hill
Agape Amour Couture is back at it again, mainly known for sexy but classy dresses, Agape hits the runway with “THE SOLDIER OF LOVE” collection. This collection consists of super sexy swimsuits and bikini’s with little left to the imagination, enjoy and keep spreading that Unconditional Love!!!

Agape Amour Couture by Jeremiah Hill

Kitty Andrews Millinery
My heart and life are devoted to an area of fashion with a rich history and a striking presence: the art of millinery. Loving personal adornment, and the grandeur of femininity, I instill my loves and interests into all that I create. At Kitty Andrews, we combine traditional knowledge, techniques, and design precedents with a fresh, youthful approach drawing on modern materials and tastes, resulting in unique pieces that elevate the wearer’s character and style. We only use high quality fabrics, felts, and trimmings, with every piece meticulously crafted by hand.

Kitty Andrews Millinery

Love by Janelle Cardenas
Inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy you can expect Love by Janelle Cardenas designs to inspire you with classic lines combined with feminine fabrics. Lush satin, animal prints, and vivid colors matched with clean line glamor are Love signatures. Her collection has been dubbed as “Old Hollywood glam with a touch of funk and intensity.” Love by Janelle Cardenas is her developing vision of a line that embraces a classy lady’s quirkiness.

Love by Janelle Cardenas

Magdalena Trever
Maggie Trever graduated from Academy of Art University in 2009. Her knitted pieces are bright yarn entwined to mirror her enthusiasm and passion for the fashion world. The exuberant colors speak volumes about this woman and her fabulous upbeat personality. Maggie works with an array of yarns and materials to compose her unique creations.

Magdalena Trever designs

Miz B by Leila Radan
Miz B, a jewelry design collection by Leila Radan featuring unique sterling silver pieces and handmade semi-precious stone pieces. Inspired by her daily interactions with fashion intertwined with her multicultural and ethnically diverse background, she creates pieces as they come to her. The end product is a personal piece of jewelry that has a meaningful design connection to its wearer. Expect to see elegant, yet quirky and unique, jewelry pieces enhancing any apparel collection Miz B is paired up with on the runway. To view her full line, visit her website at or shop directly at her Etsy store

Miz B by Leila Radan

West Coast Leather
Fashion Director and Company Founder Skip Pas has been in the leather business since 1986. Formerly General Manager and Assistant Designer while at North Beach Leather, Skip was instrumental in helping North Beach grow from a San Francisco based company to a global business; his expertise and knowledge in the leather industry is unequaled. Skip started West Coast Leather in 2003 after North Beach Leather closed down and has continued to grow the leather fashion business in his own unique way. Designing Leather clothing today is all about a special custom fit, tailored to the client’s needs. With the addition of jewelry, exotic skins, and technology breakthroughs in leather design, Skip and his design team continue to add new inventive collections every season. Since 2003, Skip and West Coast Leather have participated in and supported many charities from the San Francisco Breast Cancer Emergency Fund to the Fireman’s Benefit to help a local injured fireman, to the Wounded Warrior Project and Cher’s Operation Helmet. Skip and West Coast Leather continue to believe that “Giving is Always in Fashion.”

Check out this Skip Pas Interview at Playboy Mansion:

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