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“Jason Lester inspires me…[he] represents the best in extreme endurance sports. His passion exudes from every pore. I’m honored to be part of his book. I’m proud to have him as a colleague and co-competitor.” — Dean Karnazes, New York Times bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man

The Principles, Passion, and Pursuit of a Winning Life
by Jason Lester and Tim Vandehey

Jason Lester has survived more trials, endured more horrors, and surmounted more obstacles than would fit in a Hollywood film. But after each upset, letdown, and setback, and despite the use of only one arm, Jason has continually pushed himself to pursue his dream of becoming an accomplished athlete—ultimately setting a world record, winning a 2009 ESPY Award, and becoming the first disabled athlete to complete the Ultraman (a double Ironman).

Just Say Yes – You might find a dozen ways to rationalize not taking the risk in front of you. Do it anyway.

Never Stop – Do what’s right, consistent, and disciplined. Pushing yourself is essential.

Focus on the Goal – When your mind is already at the goal, your body will not stop working and training and pushing until it joins your mind in the winner’s circle.

Running on Faith is also filled with Jason’s remarkable stories of the precarious and often unforeseen conditions he’s encountered on the race path. Through jellyfish waters, suffocating heat, and blinding sheets of rain, he has risked it all on his journey to reach the finish line.

Jason Lester is one of the world’s finest physically challenged extreme athletes. When he was twelve years old, a speeding car ran a red light, sending him into the hospital with twenty broken bones and a paralyzed arm. But he refused to let his injury impede his goal of becoming a professional athlete. He started training for the Ironman in 2004, and has since competed in numerous extreme races. In 2008, Jason became the first disabled athlete to complete the Ultraman (320 miles of biking, swimming, and running), and in 2009, he won an ESPY award (Best Disabled Male Athlete). He is the founder of the Never Stop Foundation, an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of children and adults through athletics, and he lives and trains in Kona, Hawaii.

Running on Faith is a triumph! Jason Lester is proof that as one wise man said, ‘Triumph is when you try and add a little umph!’ Jason Lester shows us ALL that you can achieve whatever you put your mind body and soul into!” — Rev Run, author of Words of Wisdom: Daily Affirmations of Faith from Run’s House to Yours

“Jason’s story is a must read! It is a true testimony of the human spirit and confirmation that we all have so much more in us than we may believe. The challenges he conquered will create a shift in your life.” — Tyrese Gibson, singer and actor

“Whatever burden you carry (and we all have one), this story will point you to strength beyond yourself. Read it twice!” — John Ortberg, author and pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Pre-order your copy of Running on Faith today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Book sales start Tuesday August 24th.

You can meet Jason in person at the following events & book signings:

August 24: Running on Faith 5K/10K
Author Appearance/Signing – Kona, Hawaii
6:00pm Coconut Grove Market

August 28: Borders Books – Ward – Honolulu, Hawaii
2:00pm Reading/Signing

August 31: Borders Books – Kauai, Hawaii
7:00pm Reading/Signing

September 4: Radiant Church
4:00pm Author Appearance

September 5: Radiant Church – Surprise, AZ
9:30/ 10:30 & 12pm Q&A

September 9: Changing Hands Book store – Tempe, AZ
7:00pm Reading/Signing

September 10: Nytro Sports – Encinitas, CA
5:00pm Author Appearance

September 13: Triathlon Lab – Redondo Beach, CA
8:00pm Author Appearance

September 20: Thrive Fitness Center – Lacey, WA
4:00pm Author Appearance

September 21: Thrive Fitness Center – Maple Valley, WA
5:00pm Author Appearance

September 22: Thrive Fitness Center – Redmond, WA
4:30pm Author Appearance

September 23: Super Jock & Jill – Seattle, WA
7:00pm Author Appearance

September 25: Portland Christian Center – Portland, OR
8:00am Author Appearance/Signing

September 26: Running on Faith 5K/10K – Auburn, WA
Author Appearance/Signing
Five Mile Park 7:00am

October 4 – 9: Ironman World Championships – Ironman Store / Zoot Store – Kona, HI
Author Appearance/Signing

October 14 – 18: Galapagos Triathlon – Ecuador

October 22: BookPeople – Austin, TX
7:00pm Reading/Signing

October 23: REI – Austin Downtown – Austin, TX
Author Appearance

November 8: NYC Marathon Expo appearance – New York, NY

November 13: lululemon Jacksonville, FL
9:00am Author Appearance

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